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ffffflying fffffickle fffffinger offfff fffffate

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ditz information

Don’t stand too close to these people; they’re hazardous to women and [for complete list, send SASE] (What? Yeah, I thought about doing a PShop template just for her, but I keep hoping she’ll fade away.) _____ Story Title ref Previously, on KisP Max comment Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Remember when they laughed and sneered at Pence?

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The Y chromosome evidently didn’t take

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just sayin’…

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Ford’s Theater

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What’s wrong with this analogy?

[scratches beard, taps pipe] Okay, now I’ve done me a whooole bunch‘a multi-day back-packing in the Rockies and Sierras in my day; but I do not recall that puttin’ more stuff in my pack made those journeys easier, especially the uphill parts. Feller/fellerette who came up with that dang analogy prob’ly helped with this here [...]


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Trump: PeTA poster boy

Reckon this is the Usual Suspects™ new standard for assessing empathyThen again, as one wag probably said, Why would you need a dog, when you’ve already made CNN your b*tch? _____ Story Archives

Problems we don’t have, back my way

Nature, trying to kill us 24/7 She’s a mean drunk_____ Story Archives