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Hillary has provided an opportunity for other women who thought they had no hope Hillary has turned the Left into sniveling wrecks Hillary has prompted a move toward fair and honest elections Thanks partially to her support for whatzername’s recount circus, Michigan will soon have a strict voter-ID law to reduce Democrats’ seditious election fraud. [...]

a date that shall live

Seventy-five years ago. Not much we can do, now, but honor the victims and the heroes of that day; the Americans who toiled, fought, bled, and died as a result; and their why.

You have to read the rag…

…to find out what’s in it (unlike some editors I can think of). I’m addin’ this to the file: Greatest Wedgies of 2016. Okay, let’s debunk the “M” insult conspiracy theory right now: Hillary to have Jill Stein request recount for Time’s Person Of The Year. *snick* Runner-Up of the Year *bwahahahahaha*

today’s caricature

Lib’s ascot owned (Y’might wanna set yer coffee down for this’n.) For the liberal elites, it’s come to this. We’ve been reduced to this. We are all Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor in Philadelphia. Lloyd was busted by surveillance cameras videoing a buddy spraying “Fuck Trump” on the side of a newly opened Fresh [...]

mebbe if she was on a T-shirt

Inspiration *snick* The commie-made jeep hauling Castro’s funeral ashes broke down and had to be pushed. [a full description of my laughter can be had by sending a SASE] [I]t’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as [...]

Keep diggin’, jackasses

Pelosi re-elected as House Minority Leader (What? Dang right this applies to the GOPe, too!)

Ouroboros and the memory hole

I suspect that the left’s feeding-frenzy (see: purge) will get even more interesting. The halls of power will be crawling with wandering hordes of aimless, no-longer-adored, zombie-like unpersons in search of validation. Chaos reigns in the liberal/left alt universe following its defeat in the presidential elections with members turning on each other. While Green Party [...]

*whew* turns out it wasn’t Harbaugh

Ohio State shooter stabber runner-over was a neocon alt-right NRA gun nut Klan member gang-banger Zionist Islamophobe Baptist privileged straight white male Trump staffer Somali Muslim refugee. At least he didn’t violate the gun-free-campus rule. Good thing the cops did bring guns and stopped any further mayhem. [pick a story link, any story, I haven't [...]

Safe spaces are neither safe nor free

I hope the students, faculty, and administrators paid attention to today’s lesson; because it will be on the test At least one thousand veterans gathered in Amherst this afternoon to protest the removal of the American flag at Hampshire College. 22news spoke to protesters about why they strongly disagreed with the college’s decision. Freedom is [...]

Enter: Flounder

The sword’s other edge: While it appears that Jill Stein has raised enough money, albeit suspiciously, to start a vote recount in Wisconsin, efforts have begun on the other side to challenge votes in three states won by Hillary Clinton: Colorado, Nevada and Virginia. Operation Sabot 2016, started by the group Oath Keepers is contesting [...]