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despicable, irresponsible crooks and traitors

a new low, even for Democrats

because I’m still entertained by all this

…plus I ran across these old graphics while looking for something else As long as I’m at it…

Trainwreck’s a-comin’

California AG vs US Gov’t ICE Who ya got? via GIPHY Personally, I think it’s gonna turn out as it always has under Federalism

Perspective: why we tolerate Trumpian trivialities

Because, unlike what we’ve had for a few decades, substance is again strategic, and the insubstantial is merely tactical Here’s another “amen” essay. Quite enlightening, actually. _______ Icemaned13 Deplorabus Unim in comments

glitch = got caught

The #DOJ just absurdly claimed that a "glitch" is to blame for withholding Clinton-Lynch documents from the @ACLJ. Read & RT. "The American people deserve more than grade school excuses." — Jay Sekulow (@JaySekulow) January 16, 2018 When the news devolves into Python sketches _____ Story Cultural ref Archives

Amen, sisters

Some of the best shtick on the internet made even better by bein’ valid ~ vid ~______ Actual sisters sisters from the next county over from me. (Man, can you imagine those two as kids at a family meal? *heheeee*)

Flake’s the name, flake’s the game

Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons______ Story 1 Story 2 Previously on KisP Archives

Booker, Danno

Your amnesia Is complicity — Cory Booker (unstable sub-genius) I don’t remember — Hillary (40 times) *heh* Yeah, Booker *heh*heh*heh*

and now for the Proggies’ bad news…

…it’s good newsThe loyal opposition is not always pleased by good news Just ’cause he’s stil sharp doesn’t mean he’s not crazy! That and other observations come from the usual suspects and unstable sub-geniuses in the Democrat Party and media hacks in the Democrat propaganda wing. You know, jackasses whose self-justification is other-people’s misery. _______ [...]