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birds of a feather

Her BS gives BS a bad name_____ Story

They said you was hung

_____ Story (Dana Loesch’s joke) Title cultural ref Virginia Democrats Publicly Thank Jussie Smollett For Taking All The Attention Away From Them — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) February 21, 2019

early candidate review (Sen Kirsten “old mayo” Gillibrand)

The eternal struggle, citizen vs officeholder (What? Yep, another rainy day, so you get this stuff) _____ Story At least she didn’t open a beer bottle with her teeth.

early candidate review (Amy “boss from hell” Klobuchar)

_____ Story Cultural ref Sage advice: air guns are a fine training tool for new shooters and kids. They allow for safety and marksmanship instruction which build fundamental skills without the bang-recoil pre-reaction with firearms. Just, just do it with a backstop, m’kay? I mean, nothing gets my neighbors as angry as having a BB [...]

They’re of two minds about this background-check thing

What’s the frigging point of a law they don’t intend to enforce? Okay, trick question._____ Story

Sense, it begins to make

_____ Cultural ref: (Part-1) (Part-2)

and yet he persists

_____ Story

Still promoting a Trump-blackmailing-Graham conspiracy

Those who slander bachelorhood will earn my wrath sarcasm_____ Story Full disclosure: yep, straight old bachelor, here, living on 100% of my income, owning 100% of my stuff

The Left™ evidently wanted Smollett beat-up

The Narrative™ fails again (insert “allegedly” everywhere, here)That’s some sick, twisted shxt, right there, people.

Sandy’s top face-palm of the day

Uhmmm… If you’ve ever wondered how irrational ideas like socialism* can be believed, well, heeere ya go. Exhibit #1 — Fundamental ignorance of how shxt actually works She needs to take this comedy act on the road, so hit the road, Sandy In all fairness, this jackassery isn’t isolated to just her. _____ Story-1 (Ocasio-Cortez) [...]