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Kim’s “movie critics” go after Sony, prob’ly ’cause criticizing their own cinematic crap gets ‘em fed to the dogs. For example: ~ vid ~ Hey, pretty good production values, there, huh? I especially like the part where they aim for the White House and hit the Capitol. Woo, I wonder if somebody got fed to [...]

Obama kisses commie ass before Fidel dies …

… and before the new Congress can do anything about it. The United States plans to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba more than 50 years after they were severed, a major policy shift after decades of hostile ties with the communist-ruled island, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. [more] [deleted: fifteen pages of historical perspective [...]

phoney-baloney jobs

I’m ashamed to be in the same country with these two egotistical BS spewers. The Obamas talked with People magazine about dealing with their “own racist experiences,” as the magazine described. Michelle Obama told one story that recently took place, even as she was first lady of the United States. “I tell this story – [...]

Nobel Peace Prizes cause terrorism …

… much as defending ourselves against Islamic terrorism does, evidently. The Taliban has killed dozens of children at a Peshawar school in a revenge mission for Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai being awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. [I]nsurgents had various reasons to attack the school, one of which was to send a message to [...]

goin’ all pre-Medieval on theyass

Since all normal Daeshholes’ duties* would prob’ly look like punishment details to us, I’m guessin’ those recruits whose butts need kicking get put on scorpion-gathering duty. Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have unveiled their latest terror tactic – bombs containing hundreds of live scorpions designed to spread fear among their enemies. Canisters [...]

bad decisionmaking

Déjà vu DISILLUSIONED recruits who joined the Islamic State terrorist group have sought assistance from the Australian Government to leave the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq. … It is believed up to a dozen Australians, most of whom flew to Syria to join militants fighting the al-Assad regime, found themselves in limbo after laying [...]


Recent Progressive sabotage of the American system seems designed to screw things up so badly that no reasonable political recovery can occur without that looking like radical reactionary sabotage of the new, established American system • Six former CIA Directors and Deputy Directors • Woolsey • Bob Kerry • Feinstein’s duplicity Look, there’s no doubt [...]

At-ti-cus! At-ti-cus! At-ti-cus!*

Radical feminist rape-baiters and Narrative™-spewing Progs throw Liberalism under the bus. First, they treat rape as a political crime. That trivializes rape, which is a violent crime against an individual. Second, this kind of fake-but-accurate story throws even valid accusations into question (see: crying “Wolf!”). Third, they ignore the Liberal idol, Atticus* Finch in To [...]

door-ass impact

~ vid ~Buh-bye … and the horses’ asses you rode in with.

Today’s daily afternoon traitor of the day

Fat, drunk with power, and stupidly shootin’ yourself in the foot is no way to run for office.* [S]howing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. [story] Presidents aren’t tasked with solving the World’s problems, they’re tasked with protecting this country [...]