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Okay, now it’s just gettin’ embarrassing

President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity. [story] Hey, I’m sure sooomebody stayed to the end

You’re hired. Can you start on Monday?

Optics President Barack Obama’s new Ebola “czar” Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis …. Obama held the Ebola meeting after spending four hours and 40 minutes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir …. “The President on Saturday evening convened members of his national security and public health teams [...]

Now will you guys impeach him?

Not only is this illegal, irresponsible, and a dereliction of duty … The government watchdog group Judicial Watch alleged Friday the Obama administration is formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. The group, which cited one unidentified source, said the administration would aim to bring Ebola patients into the [...]

equality in Progspeak

Procustean* Angry parents in Chickasha complain their kids aren’t getting enough to eat at school. The Holton family says the meal the district calls a “Munchable” is ridiculous and family members say it needs to change. … “These regulations were put into effect two years ago and were still struggling with them.” There are no [...]

thee, not me

A socialist party that wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour is currently advertising a job for an experienced web developer paying $13 per hour. [more] To the Left, it’s not right unless it’s mandatory.

Prog Canon (today’s reading: tragedy and the fatal flaw)

We’ve been treated to a century of evidence that this -ism is false. Hopefully, we’ll survive long enough to see civilization throw off this irrational fantasy. Perhaps the last six years will provide that wake-up call — the “final straw,” if you will. Hopefully, not final final, though.

bitter clinger

~ image source ~ Doesn’t know how to use capital and lower-case letters, but he (or she) backs Obama. (What? Heck, I dunno. The androgyny is strong in this one, but I’m goin’ with male. It’s the sideburns, mainly; but the ring, the little hearts on the “i” & “!”, and everything below the knees [...]

The Leftmedia brats are revolting

You’re ruining everyyythinnng ! *whaaaaa* *stomp* *sniff* The leftwing New York Daily News blasted President Obama on its cover Thursday morning. Referring to the federal government’s appallingly incompetent response to the American Ebola outbreak, the front page headline next to the president’s photo read, “For God’s Sake, Get a Grip.” [more] Fix some popcorn. The [...]

This administration is manned entirely by Bidens

Latest memo from the Center for Wait, What ‽ Sit, put down your drink, and move breakables beyond reach. Okay? Then continue. “I think there are two different parts of that equation,” he continued. “The first is, if you’re a member of the traveling public and are healthy, should you be worried that you might [...]

Happy 239th!

US Navy Kickass since 1775 USS Constitution (kickass) More Navy pics Oh, and a Happy 200th, too. Happy Columbus Day! (see post above) … and Happy Thanksgiving Day, Canadians!