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FBI, the new Starbucks

Training‽ How do you train the corrupt not to be corrupt? Firing followed by heads on pikes works better._____ Archives _____ Story

What does the cox say?

Stroke Stroke Stroke… Giving or returning a military salute is not a bow, it is a traditional gesture of mutual respect_____ Story Cultural ref Title ref (Drew458 comment) Also: Cox Archives

What did Kim get in the Singapore summit?

Face™ 40-min of photo-op prop In what must have been a deeply humiliating act on the part of a DPRK dictator, Kim boarded a chartered foreign jet to meet with the great number-one enemy of everything NorK since 1950. Trump wisely allowed Kim his dignity and his need for the imagery of leadership — Face™. [...]

takes more’n a pretty wife and daughter

You’re gonna need some better writers. (What? Yeah, good point. They did laugh at Trump, too.) _____ Story Title ref (NSFW, but no c-word) Cultural ref (interesting timing) Historical refs: Paulsen ’68 and Barr ’12 Archives

All the signs pointed that way

The history of making failed predictions about an unpredictable future never surprises me. Reckon most folks would say that “it never ceases to surprise/amaze” them; but the one thing that is predictable in this world is the fallibility of predictions. Wouldn’t be surprised if that prediction turned out to be wrong, too. Oh, now who [...]

Just one word… real estate

Stroking an egomaniac’s ego in search of the deal. (What? Yeah, his too.) _____ Story Title cultural ref (for DarB, wherever you are) Archives 31 years ago today

the Anti-Galt

(What? Nah, not gonna do a Trump Pump™ joke.) _____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

(R)s (D)s MSM FBI CIA G7 Next !

I’m tempted to think that Trump provided Rodman with the copy of his book that Rodman gave to Kim (What? Yeah, like playin’ chess with a guy who wrote “How to Play Chess.” The book’s not necessarily about how he plays chess.) _____ Apologies to anyone with an actual Korean accent, since my cultural appropriations [...]

things rich Progs say

_____ Story Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons James Woods for the kill shot

The Don makes ‘em an offer

_____ Story van Leyden source Archives Picked up by Pookie’s Toons I’d be careful about letting Germany speak for you guys. Just sayin’. (What? Yeah, on the other hand, she’s prob’ly speakin’ English.) _____ Picked up by Pookie’s Toons Darrell comment *bwahahahaha!* Oooh, strange we didn’t see this version. You don’t think… nahhh