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best laid plans

What we have heah… is fail-ure to translate virtue signaling into economic reality [F]eminists are pushing a boycott of Trump wines and Wegmans for selling it. … Since the boycott began the sale of Trump Wines has skyrocketed. [story] Ivanka Trump’s perfume line shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller’s list, as the first daughter [...]

Phase 3 Phase 5: President Clinton

{insert favorite face-palm image here} Juuust kidding I mean, how dumb do you think she is? Yes, the comments are real, and they’re spectacular. Straightforward from here: 1. Kohn has one too many 2. Kohn writes something stupid that sounds brave and clever that her prog/lib followers will like 3. Expecting high-fives, Kohn posts that [...]


Some whiny jackasses have a problem with this It. is. not. a. frik-kin’. throne! It’s a frikkin’ desk chair. (What? Well, okay, yeah, mebbe if you’re a Prog… or a Brit newspaper.) See, now, this… this is a throne Take Your Daughter To Work Day staghounds Yeah, that’s what the post title should’a been. She [...]

your evening self-wedgie

In a press conference House Democrats held today to bloviate over the controversy with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. … was caught red-handed quoting from a fake Twitter account to bash the now-former Trump administration national security adviser. … In his defense, he was just following the lead from Queen Democrat [...]

missing the point

Probably true, but beside the point. A study conducted at the University of Toronto concluded that extreme protest tactics such as blocking traffic, damaging property, and rioting actually reduce popular support for the political movements that employ them. [story] The issue is not the issue. The Revolution™ is the issue. All traditional, Western, liberal ideas, [...]

Never made it to Disneyland

Well, after all, he was only Kim Jong-un’s half-brother. Sounds like Kim’s insecurities have been stirred up. Maybe Jong-nam had a phone call with Flynn? Stay tuned. Remember, you’re only Glorious Leader for Life.

It’s what they do

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What’s new, pussyhat?

• “The future is female” — Whatzername • All senate Ds and two Rs (both females) vote against a female for a cabinet position. Call me when you lying jackasses get serious and drop your stupid appeal to bigotry. It’s an insult to women, and it pisses-off us pigs. Of course Hollllywood chimes in with [...]

your evening schadenfreude fix

D’oh ! latest from the JV debate team ~ vid ~Forget it, she’s rolling. Not Mother Korea? (What? Well, Korea kind’a sounds like Crimea or Syria. Anyway, let’s see what Trump tweets. And quit hoggin’ the dang popcorn.) Okay, that was fun, wasn’t it? Now, let’s look at a case where Maxine caught Whatzername in [...]

the peasants are revolting

Yeah, what he said ~ vid ~ More, please.