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Spotlight comes on…

…the roaches scramble for cover _____ Story Cultural ref (Cuomo – Fredo) Cultural ref (The Godfather II, Fredo’s death) Cultural ref (The Godfather II, I know it was you, Fredo)

A ruse by any other name

_____ Story

What did the Salvation Army know, and when did they know it?

Evidently, the SA has recanted or something _____ Story

How conveeenient

_____ Story (Cartoon spin) Story (MSM spin) Story (Conspiracy theory spin) Title cultural ref (SNL, Church Lady)

Innoculate us from the egos of tyrants

You’ll know you’ve gone too far when free people administer the shots Worth watching _____ Story Story Historical ref (Lysenkoism) Historical ref (L’état, c’est moi)

Wait, what?

(What? Okay, twerp. Same thing) _____ Story Cultural ref (Animal House)

Because everything is

_____ Story


(What? Yeah, kidding. It’s pretty obvious why) _____ Story

Missed opportunity

(What? Nah, too late to make a good topical joke, now) _____ Cultural ref (Game of Thrones)

Happy Thanksgiving

Be careful out there Just noticed that it’s been 400 years!Me? Heck, I’m just thankful that I have things to be thankful for, whether I’m aware of ‘em or not. Also thankful that my ancestors who were there survived those perilous times (Stephen Hopkins and daughter, Constance) More traditional fare