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the herd instinct

In this case, it’s the Progs’ instinct to keep their presumed* herds intact. They’ll round-up strays and runaways, hound nonconformists, pursue renegades and reservation jumpers, and harry apostates. Heck, they’ll release the hounds if you merely talk to “the other” like a free, civilized human being.________ * By presumed, I mean the Progs’ need to [...]

the list

Loretta Lynch was confirmed by the Senate as the next Attorney General, 56-43, with the yes votes of ten Republicans. _________ Cultural ref

Why is she running?

No, I mean: Why is she really running?* ~ Season 5: Episode 2 — FaceBook recap ~ My personal view is simple: to avoid prison. _________ * Cultural ref You knowww … (What? Oh, just updated an old PShop that was too much fun to let molder away down in a comment.) Forgot about this [...]

Respectfully request that order in writing, sir

This is so humiliating and outrageous that I won’t post the pictures, here. Our enemies might be watching. Somebody needs to brought up on charges for this. Thatisall Well, okay, maybe not all all ~ vid ~


Evidently, H> went all Fa(uxaho)ntasy a while back. Turns out she’s 3/4 native(born) American. [rolls eyes] (What? Yeah, Buzzfeed. I knowww !) Then there’s *snick* Sorry. Then there’s *ppppp*hehee* Okay, okay, okay [slaps self, takes deep breath] Then there’s … there’s *bwahahahahahaha*. (What? Yeah, National Enquirer. I knowww …) Oh, I sooo want that to [...]

more of this-week’s squirrel

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is all about “everyday Americans,” she made clear in announcing it on Sunday. On Monday, she showed how unassuming she herself could be[*]. Driving to Iowa for her first campaign swing, Mrs. Clinton’s van — with two aides and Secret Service agents aboard — pulled into a Chipotle restaurant for [...]

H>illary phones it in

I will be your champion (aaand we all know how that turned out — spoiler alert) Another champion — spoiler alert More Champions (What? Well, yeah, I suppose that “Everyday Americans” could be seen as kind’a anti-immigrant.) And then it gets Freudian: That announcement to reporters, perhaps finished in haste, included an embarrassing mistake in [...]

Don’t drink CA water …

… because f*** the fish in it On Monday, two small rural water districts in Central California retained legal counsel and told the federal Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) that they wouldn’t release on schedule a 15,000 acre-foot “pulse” of water from their severely depleted reservoir. The “pulse” release, which raises the level and current of [...]

“Just leave it on the dresser” — Hillary

Hillary Clinton reportedly supported a Colombian free trade agreement as secretary of state after the founder of the largest independent oil company in Colombia pledged more than $100 million to her family’s foundation. [story] I waaas gonna do another Hillary cartoon, but I can’t beat today’s Stilton. ~ Stilton (and this is only a second-tier [...]

The Life of Bwian

According to an extensive Vanity Fair article looking at the trials and tribulations of NBC News, the ongoing internal investigation of suspended-NBC News anchor Brian Williams has resulted in the discovery of a “number of incidents” that “paint a portrait of Williams as a man who has consistently burnished his stories.” … Once this fabrication [...]