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celebrity ton of s**t

This truly delicious flip perfectly defines the empty argument so beloved of people who earn themselves a fortune almost solely via a make-believe world of fictional imagery and made-up words. Their argument is totally without form and void, so it’s usable by anyone with any agenda. An-y-one (as shown).

Does this podium make me look short?

Awfergeezisfriggin… H> wants man-size and woman-size podiumsa? Not sure if this qualifies as affirmative-action politics or Procrustean politics. Hillary Clinton …, who is 5-foot-4, has apparently enlisted the help of a raised podium for the first presidential debate against Donald Trump, who is 6-foot-3, Monday night, photos of the two podiums show. [O]ne of the [...]


As a tumbleweed rolls across a dust-blown frontier street sometimes known as the debate run-up ~ story ~ ________ Yeah, I know, mixed metaphors (duel vs poker); but, hey, it’s a weekend. Okay, so J Gennifer’s not goin’, but the joke’s still valid. Actually, it’s gettin even ‘better: Juanita Broaddrick Paula Jones Kathleen Willey Can’t [...]

like nails on a chalkboard

You worthless bumpkins have failed her again, and she is not amused (or playin’ with a full deck, apparently). That look… We’ve seen it before _________ Cultural ref

D’oh !

Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, accidentally destroyed the case for gun control during his show [when] he made fun of a Minnesota man fed up with Islamic terrorism. The target of Noah’s ire was an ice cream shop owner in a small town southeast of St. Cloud, Minnesota — the [...]

today’s big zeeerooo

Nanzi Pelosi, a despicable, vile hypocrite You know… a Prog Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been a vocal backer of President Obama’s … plan to import a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the fiscal year, at one point accusing Republicans of “slamming the door on mothers and children.” But [...]

This time… it’ll work!

Just when you think your life sucks has pimples, commies come to the rescue with a little perspective Venezuela’s petroleum industry, whose vast revenues once fueled the country’s Socialist-inspired revolution, underwriting everything from housing to education, is spiraling into disarray. To add insult to injury, the Venezuelan government has been forced to turn to its [...]

unattended-bagage handlers

[NY]The day Ahmad Khan Rahami allegedly planted two bombs in Chelsea … two thieves accidentally helped to disable his second pressure cooker bomb left inside a rolling suitcase …. The young men … opened the bag and took the bomb out, sources said, before placing the explosive into a garbage bag and walking away with [...]


• Pipe bomb explodes in NJ, more bombs found. • Bomb explodes in NYC, another pressure-cooker bomb found. • Guy stabs a bunch of people in MN, asks victims if they’re Muslim. • Constitution Day, honors the foundational document that prevents sharia law in America. I’m tempted to speculate that there’s some common thread, here. [...]

the spanking

Seems to me, the MSM was just askin’ for it. Of course, the MSM don’t see it that way: First, there was the PWNage, and now this… this* ! Donald Trump’s latest slap at the media was apparently too much for CNN’s [talking blockheads] to take. While reporting Trump’s ribbing the two insisted that undermining [...]