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a flyover…

…for flyover country (No, this clip isn’t from today) You’ll forgive me if I don’t offer my advice to President Trump, here; because I have no friggin’ idea how to do that job, either. (What? Well, yeah, but that won’t deter me from pointing out when he’s wrong. Is this your first day here?)

Inauguration Day: reversing the polarity…

…back to where it wasn’t yet ~ vid ~ “Anyone lose a fez?” will be the motto on my new sigil. Anyway, inaugurations beat the other kinds of transfer of power, like… you know, as satisfying as that option may seem, sometimes. My advice? Fasten your seatbelts and Hang on Meanwhile, there are those who [...]

still two or three days left…

…but I’m already runnin’ short of popcorn (What? Well, I don’t wanna go down to the store, ’cause I might miss somethin’.)

JV negroes

Not name-calling? Oh, dear boy, you do not want to open thaaat can o’worms* [/EffeminateVoice] Nah, ain’t important in any way, shape, or form. Sometimes, I just wanna enjoy myself laughin’ at a clown. No, this doesn’t rise to the level of bein’ schadenfreude, it’s simply point-and-laugh ridicule. _______ * In the words of that [...]

Hot air makes irony rusty

today’s con-man Democrat poster-boy* • Entire career is based on bein’ beat-up and arrested by Democrats. • Is a Democrat using a trumped-up tiff for Democrat fundraising and to market his book. • Calls the Republican PEOTUS “illegitimate.” That’s irony, man! ________ * No, that word wasn’t intentional (not my style), but it’s funny enough [...]

Ushering in a new era…

…after the fall The final 22 employees of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York have been given notice and will receive their walking papers in less than three months. Once numbering more than 200, the staff had already been reduced a couple of times, but the curtain will finally come down entirely this spring. [...]

Look under your chairs

(What? Uhm, no, dunno about the First Mother-in-Law, but I think eight years shut-up in the White House with these people is punishment enough.) More update over at Rodge’s *bwahahahaha*

more fun with has-been celebs

~ story ~ I think she’s confusing “charges” with “accusations” which haven’t even risen to the level of allegations. (What? No, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Democrats this intent on startin’ a civil war over a new Republican president since, when was it… 1860, 61?)* ______ * UPDATE: Just stumbled across this: [...]

…and then a hockey game broke out

Meanwhile, in the Turkish parliament (Melcis)… Yeah, same-o; but watch this while listening to the Speaker as if he were a soccer announcer. ~ story ~ Goooooooal ! Well, I think that’s what the gavel means. Might just be a yellow card, though. (What? Yeah, some sore-loser, I-deserve-more-votes-than-you Democrats will prob’ly do this, too, soon.)

Right back atcha, again

Notice how this FauxNews* item, originally about Trump, has turned into a story about Buzzfeed? I seem to recall that some guy** posted about this trend a couple’a days ago. ___________ * Not to be confused with the lovely and talented Fawkes News ** Also lovely and talented, according to Mom *meheh* Wolf! Wolf! More? [...]