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morning spew warning

The Emmy for best drama queen in an embarrassing on-air meltdown goes tooo… (Watch this only while sitting. Srsly, the spin is dizzying) "Fifty years from now, schoolchildren studying American history will come upon this photograph, and they will instantly know who was in charge in that room – the adult standing and pointing at [...]

three Democrats walk into the White House…

Today’s lesson: Not picking up on the utter savagery of an insult. They thought ‘third-rate‘ would’ve been bad… (What? Yeah, a most punchable face, indeed) Defenestration prob’ly wasn’t done because of the bullet-proof glass

influencing foreign elections

(What? Hey, you know I don’t give a hoot about that crap. It’s just an opportunity for dumb schadenfreude and Ps jokes. They’re still allowed, so enjoy! … You’d do it for Randolph Scott*) _____ * Cultural ref

Sometimes, y’gotta wait for it to play out a bit

Turkey’s Erdogan fights Syrians, wants to destroy Kurds. Trump withdraws US forces from between them. Erdogan gleefully attacks Kurds. US prepares for sanctions against Turkey. Erdogan finds Turkey isolated, surrounded by old enemies, and sanctions looming. Erdogan asks Trump to mediate peace talks between Turks and Kurds. Sometimes, y’gotta change a belligerent’s perception of his [...]

Aaand the Calvinball Tournament continues

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Is it because resisting arrest is an impeachable offense…

…or are you just shooting your not-inconsiderable mouth off?_____ Story Historical ref (tumbril) Inspiration (Stilton) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

New rule! New rule!

The Calvinball tournament continues _____ Story (whistleblower) Story (quid pro quo) *snick* (also quid pro quo) Story (judiciary) #1 & #2 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

The Nobel Prize Committee ain’t buyin’ it, either

There’s still Hollywood, however. They exist by producing fiction_____ Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

by way of being another comment on Claire’s post

Sometimes it’s kind of a shame to let good jokes languish down in the comments. Please comment on the topic-at-hand at Claire’s post, below Note: In #3, it just occurred to me that gas-station pumps won’t function during an outage, sooo… nev-er-mind _____ Historical ref (CA electricity crisis 2000) Previously, on KisP (more related cheap-shot [...]

quick Ps fun

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