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Britain lives!

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The people who exploit Greta and the people who insult us by demanding that we listen to their trained brat _____ UPDATE: Story (wall) She claims she didn’t mean it that way. Live by the idiom, die by the idiom. Previously, on KisP This post is kind of a comment on or renewal of Claire’s [...]

The logical conclusion

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Somebody’s gonna get hurt, if this keeps up

Insisting on one’s rights is not rebellion, it’s self-defense _____ Story (VA Nat’l Guard threat) Constitution (Article IV Section 4, Guarantee Clause) 10 U.S. Code § 12406 (National Guard in Federal service) Historical ref (Eisenhower federalizes Faubus’ Nat’l Guard) Previously, on KisP (VA sanctuary counties) Story (80 sanctuary areas)


I’ve been watching hearing clips for a couple of days trying to find just one or two quickies that describe the overall action. Try these (5min & 8min): .@Jim_Jordan knocks it out of the park once again with the truth on what the Democrats are doing. #ImpeachmentSham — Rep. Jeff Duncan (@RepJeffDuncan) December 12, [...]

Misc mini-rants

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Yeah, I know, not gonna happen. Interesting parallel, though, no? Democrats still want to ignore human rights, and Americans still tell ‘em to pound sand. _____ Story Historical ref Previously, on KisP

We’ve seen this movie before

Nadler has Dem staffer as both witness aaaand prosecutor Well, I have some thoughts _____ Story Previously, on KisP

The two last straws for grasping at

What are the two most ambiguous, crimey-sounding things that one can think of? Well, the Dems thunk of ‘em I think this means that they’re gonna dance around the fire for a while, sacrifice a goat, then go home and claim they chased a demon away They’ll have to forego their wicker-man* ending _____ Story [...]