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sauce for the gander

Let’s see, states won’t obey Federal laws, and counties & cities won’t obey state laws. M’kay, howzabout individual citizens don’t obey laws that infringe their rights. (What? *heh* Yeah, reckon that would make Illinois state legislators “low-life politicians.”) _____ Story Archives Yeah, another template experiment Oooh, a rebellion in Colorado, too.

Wasn’t usin’ it anyway

Here’s the part where you imagine the video of the award ceremony handover run in reverse. _____ Story Archives

tantrum season

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Mueller fired by the DNC

______ Story-1 Story-2 Previously on KisP Tryin’ out a new template idea Yep, it was a trap. Wikileaks suits-up for the varsity. Where’s Russia? I thought they’d like to get in on this.

heads on pikes

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Brown knows

How does Trump get CA Gov Brown to quit bein’ a bratty little bitch and order CA National Guard troops to guard the border? Yup, cut Federal funding _____ Story Previous title pun

four-ring circus now open

Appears that Congress wants in on the cats & laser pointers fun_____ Story Archive Added Page and Strzok to the list. Trump takes advantage of the situation and sics a big dog on the pack of hyenas. Looks like the DoJ IG just grabbed a laser pointer, too.

Brown “no”s

Had a hunch this might backfire on… No, wait, King’s-X. Forget I said that. Delete all after “Hello.” Bad Doug. Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons (What? Well, yeah, mebbe they are, but not for opposing sanctuary.) _____ Story Cultural ref-1 (Moonbeam swinging on a rope) Cultural ref-2 Original image Archive

“When you strike at a king, you must kill him” — Emerson

Of course, Comey’s no king, so he lives… with his failure. ______ Cultural ref-1 Cultural ref-2 Reaction to my “Bolton” joke Archive

If it weren’t for double standards…

…they wouldn’t have any standards at all Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons______ Story-1 Story-2 Archive