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question for a rainy Saturday afternoon

What happens when a government “goes Galt”?

It ain’t over ’till the fat man* sings.

Does this famine-ridden population make me look fat? On Thursday, the North Korean government culminated the celebration of “Struggle Against US Imperialism Month” with a large stadium commemoration of the anniversary of the Korean War. In addition to propaganda significantly more belligerent than its usual fare and praise for communist leader Kim Il Sung and [...]

When words, and reason, and history mean nothing …

a repeat from 2012 Then again, there are some reasoned words from history that are worth reading and which still retain their meanings.

Looking Glassholes

SCOTUS goes all Humpty Dumpty* on Obamacare Or applesauce and jiggery-pokery, in the words of Justice Scalia. Meet your new masters ~ vid ~ Damn you, God damn you all to Hell ! I’ve gotta go along with Klayman on this one. For the record: You saw it here first.

breaking the code

(What? Yes, of course this is sarcasm, based on my new conspiracy theory [which I have, that is mine] that the Dems are trying to erase all evidence of their real history.)

today’s NIMBY

You first, sir. Always willing to listen to someone who sets a good example. Vatican City —Pope Francis has made an appeal as a series of migrant crises rage around the globe: Don’t close the door to those seeking a better life. [story] Said by the absolute monarch of Vatican City (population: 830-ish, per capita [...]


Trans-pandering First Trans-Lady goes overseas to insult her countrymen in front of Allah and everyone. You know, being trans-American. “When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story,” [Michelle Obama] told the room full of hijab-wearing girls. [more] ________ Title stolen from accipiterNW [...]

perspective: pusillanimous strategery

“Okay,” you ask, “Nowww what’s he on about?” ~ vid ~ One military official reacted angrily to Obama’s blamesmanship: “What the f— was that[?] We have given him lots of options, he just hasn’t acted on them.” [source] Go ahead and watch. It’ll be okay; it’s mainly Krauthammer, not O’Reilley ~ vid ~ This is [...]

a little good news

Turkey’s Erdogan has his ass handed to him Turks went to the polls today in parliamentary elections, and the era of single-party Islamist rule appears to be over. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had been counting on the continued rule of his AKP party to change the country’s constitution after these elections, consolidating his already increasingly [...]

slow-weekend rabble rousing

If you’re reluctant to spoil a nice, relaxing weekend, y’might wanna wait and watch this on Monday or sumpthin’ ~ vid ~