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Wait, what ?!

It’s like history starts afresh at the beginning of each sentence she speaks. Who you gonna believe, Hillary or your lying eyes? The self-beclowning is strong in this one. Hillary Clinton was asked about her plans for protecting cyber security. “It is one of the most important challenges the next president is going to face,” [...]

Two Face Politics

Nope, can’t leave this with just a simple update. [T]he Democratic National Committee awarded six deadlocked precincts, out of 99 precincts total, to Hillary Clinton with a literal coin toss. She won all six of the coin tosses. The odds against winning six out of six coin flips are 64-to-1 against, or 1.56 percent. The [...]

round one

As for the commie party, keep an eye on this. I can’t find any corroboration, so it may turn out to be BS; but if you like watch sausage bein’ made, this could be it. (Anyway, it’s way past my bedtime, so somebody else will have to follow-up on it.) Okay, Breitbart is carrying the [...]

Shirley, you Josh

Subpoena to follow A reporter asked, “Can you say with certainty and confidence that Secretary Clinton will not be indicted because of this email scandal?” “That will be a decision made by the Department of Justice and prosecutors over there,” said Earnest. “What I know that some officials over there have said is that she [...]

The EU is toast

These aren’t the barbarian perverts we’re looking for. Move along. Move along. There is ‘no link’ between the migrant crisis and the wave of sex attacks in Cologne during New Year celebrations, EU officials believe. The European Commission wants to remove ‘false associations’ between the increasing number of some criminal acts and the arrival of [...]

Deeper doo-doo due?

Your browser does not support the audio element. ~ source ~Hillary doesn’t do “professional standard.” She does arrogant, amateur, and stupid. Look, I don’t know what this means, yet, if anything, or how much new stuff it involves; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be “a big f’n deal” (to quote [...]

musical thrones throne

Be careful what you wish for KING Salman of Saudi Arabia could be preparing to upend the succession of the House of Saud by abdicating in favour of his controversial 30-year-old son Prince Mohammed bin Salman, bypassing his designated successor, according to American diplomatic sources. … In the opaque world of Saudi politics, it’s quite [...]

We’ve analyzed their culture, and there is a danger

Man, ‘em are some uuuglyyy wimmin y’got there I can see why the burkas Fearless special forces troops donned the full-length Islamic dress to sneak undetected through the terrorists’ de facto capital Raqqa and take down the terrorist commander. The eight-man SAS squad also eliminated several jihadi fighters after lifting up their burkas and opening [...]

smartest woman in the world

(What? Nah, think I’ll just let that little jewel of self-beclowning stand on its own.)


I don’t know if this will have any legs, but it’ll certainly be worth watching. Hillary Clinton may not be eligible to appear on Illinois’ primary election ballot, at least according to a petition filed with state officials Wednesday by an anti-Hillary political action committee. The petition filed by the Stop Hillary PAC contended that [...]