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It’s amazing how they seem to use the same words, sometimes

It’s as if there were a, oh, I dunno… a… a coordinated plan or distributed talking points or a central script or something Say it with me, now: lawwwlesss, law-less, lawless. Good thrall [feeds treat, pats on head] Looks like my prediction was wrong. (second update) It’s “lawless,” not “What’s Trump hiding?” (What? Yeah, the [...]

There is only one thing we say to despotism…

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I’m expecting an Earth-shattering *kaboom*

(What? Nah, that’s the Washington Post hand sign) _____ Story Cultural refs / more Title ref Archives Look, yeah, I know CNN isn’t the only player and may not even be a major factor. Just… just go with joke, m’kay? Allow me to predict the Democrat response

Maduro is my choice…

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Fecklessness in senators must not unwatched go

_____ Story Previously, on KisP-1 Previously, on KisP-2 Title ref Archives Mebbe they should play rock/paper/scissors for it. (What? Well, a yoke-sac scar. It’s almost invisible, but I’m gonna count it as one.) (What? Nope, don’t think there’s any such thing as a pun limit.)

Happy Constitution Day, America!

It’s the only thing that all Americans have in common.Read it. Understand its genesis. Increase your understanding of its contents. Defend it. Demand all levels of gov’t abide by it. Keep your oaths, and demand the same of others who have sworn to uphold and defend it. It’s also our closest firm footing in the [...]

Happy Indepence Day, Mexico!

Yeah, frikkin’ Europe, man. Screw that colonialism sh**. Father Miguel Hidalgo Y CostillaLike the US, Mexico decided that it doesn’t need Old-World armies over here to fight, when we have each other. (What? Hmm, yeah, now that you mention it, the painting’s background does kind’a suggest Old Glory.)

How is this even tolerable?

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being jackasses has consequences

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No spikka de Eeenglish

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