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Force and threat of force are despots’ tools

They’re also the tools of thugs and organized crime. Violence to instill general fear is a terrorist’s tool _____ Story (Atlantic) Cultural ref (Dog cover, National Lampoon) Cultural ref (Wookie, Star Wars IV) Image source (Wookie)

It’s Monday. What can go wrong?

You’re fired ! Okay, so mebbe there’s more’n two kinds’a wimmin; but that kind’a detailed understanding is outside my wheelhouse _____ Story (Armed one) Story (Firery one, but not the right femme in the photodrew458 comment) NOTE: Don’t recall where the AntiFa joke came from Story (Newsom) Previously, on KisP (Mother Earth)

Musings from the iHammock

_____ Story (“resist” workshop) Story (Oscars) #3 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Innovation is the new cheating

_____ Story (teleprompter) Satire (innovation) stlcdr comment Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

A scientist, a Catholic, and a Pagan walk into a salon…

(What? Well, of course she’s not funny. Pelosi’s ilk have no sense of humor, irony/contradiction/paradox, or shame) _____ Story kinlaw comment

Wag the bi… dog

_____ Story (Kamala’s debatable gimmick) Cultural ref (spew warning @ 1:40, language NSFW) Cultural ref (double-*snick*)

Hey, if it works

_____ Story (Mueller’s team phones wiped) Story (Judicial Watch) Historical ref (Hillary) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Weekend trivia head-start

We’re gonna need a bigger tub of popcorn

_____ Story (2nd Nobel nomination) Previously, on KisP (Nobel) #CancelNobel

Wildfires are Trump’s fault

How do we know? Because the West Coast is all orange, man (sorry… a lame, but irresistable, pun) Hope y’all are out of harm’s way