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and yet he persists

_____ Story

Still promoting a Trump-blackmailing-Graham conspiracy

Those who slander bachelorhood will earn my wrath sarcasm_____ Story Full disclosure: yep, straight old bachelor, here, living on 100% of my income, owning 100% of my stuff

Yet, HIillary slithers around free…

…and her crimes were on the same danged computer_____ Story

The Left™ evidently wanted Smollett beat-up

The Narrative™ fails again (insert “allegedly” everywhere, here)That’s some sick, twisted shxt, right there, people.

Performing arts use guns, people get hurt

Dems ask for national emergency declaration_____ Story Cultural ref

Sandy’s top face-palm of the day

Uhmmm… If you’ve ever wondered how irrational ideas like socialism* can be believed, well, heeere ya go. Exhibit #1 — Fundamental ignorance of how shxt actually works She needs to take this comedy act on the road, so hit the road, Sandy In all fairness, this jackassery isn’t isolated to just her. _____ Story-1 (Ocasio-Cortez) [...]

stuff that’s hard to do (Opportunity’s journey ends)

Fourteen years duty on a 90-day mission. Not bad. Not bad at all._____ Story & pics My batteries are low, and it’s getting dark. *sniff* Someday, this will probably happen to a human, too. (my favorite) _____ Cultural ref

Offer not valid in CA, evidently

(What? A wind-powered locomotive, ‘caus it makes its own wind at speed? Hmm, gonna hafta raise bridges and make tunnels bigger, though.) _____ Story Title ref, see post below Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

no checks

(What? Yeah, I know the $3.5B is borrowed/deficit/national-debt funny money. Just… just go with the joke, m’kay?) _____ Story

All in favor…

_____ Story Cultural ref (Da toitle !) Picked up by Pookie’s Toons