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deadliest joke in the world

If this guy can do it… Even more memes _____ Story (Area-51 joke) Title ref (Python) Cultural ref (button)

Monday caption exercise

Easing into the new week, here, boss (What? Because I’d never have gotten away with petrified) _____ Art ref (Marat @ Ace of Spades) Clinton ref (Holger Awakens) Story (007)

Show us how it’s done

(What? You mean the part where Trump forced the Dem-libs back into defending the Dem-wackos they just tried to distance themselves from?) _____ Note: the first three panels are not accurate quotations. The fourth panel is the usual fake-but-accurate fun. Story (Don Surber) #1 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

perverts and literature

_____ Story (library) Joke inspiration

ANTIFA recruiter note…

…find a suicide-by-cop candidate_____ Story Story

Nothing to see here (literally)

_____ Story Historical ref

Finally, something we can all agree on

_____ Story (Ace of Spades) Both picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Nothing to see here…

…just law-breaking treachery_____ Story For those who don’t like the word “treachery”

Catfight-Cortez & the swamp Dems go at it this week

I like to watch* [Popcorn-level indicator flashes LOW]_____ * Cultural ref (Being There)

History repeats

_____ Historical ref Picked up by Pookie’s Toons