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sticks and stones and WEDGIES! oh my!

I’ll let you ban hate speech when you let me define it. Deal?

It”‘s come to this

A fifth-grade teacher at an Oregon elementary school said ‘they’ was harassed at work and that ‘they’ was referred to by the wrong pronoun [ calling a woman "they" is using the right pronoun ]. The school district paid ‘them’ $60,000 to compensate for any harassment ‘they’ may have received. Leo Soell was born a [...]

today’s wedgie

A conservative is one who has articulated very good reasons for why he isn’t going to give you his hand to pull you out of the water —some liberal douche

Uncle Sanders,

Stare down this wall!

today’s honorary KisPians

has peak idiocrasy been reached? Instead of making a sincere and concerted attempt to resolve the [cost] issues mentioned above, the Dartmouth administration has spent its time policing student life. Buoyed by the idea that the College should support exclusionary “safe spaces” that act as a barrier against uncomfortable ideas, administrators have assumed the role [...]

today’s KisP fun facts

..100% of 43% of 90% of Americans support background checks every time…

Todaze Eulogy

Hey, if you have to go, you might as well go out in style. I just hope her estate makes sure she’s off the voting rolls, or she might just end up voting for H-> after all. strnj1

Happy International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia!

Teh Gloooooooogle told me. What opinion (if any) does Mister Trump have on this? Enquiring Minds Want To Know!™ My tribute:

the irony, it Berns

Burlington College, a small Vermont private school once led by the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said Monday it will close later this month, citing “the crushing weight” of debt incurred during her presidency…

graft czar

He’s had his two terms. His watch is ended. [Hillary Clinton] was more blunt than ever about what her husband’s role could be in a future Clinton administration — saying she plans to to put the former president “in charge of economic revitalization.” You know, running the crony capitalism scam: looting in exchange for gov’t [...]