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” Sunday Brunch ” [ turn on your sound ]

bedhead of state

…“I just woke up,” Clinton wrote in an email sent at 10:43 a.m. ET on the morning of Saturday September 15, 2012…


Are you sitting down?

Meanwhile, on the Home Front…

“As summer — and pool weather! — lingers on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind you that BSA policies prohibit pointing simulated firearms at people.” Adding, “Yes, that includes water guns.” Dangerous and Scary Aquatic Assault Weapon (The Jackass) explains that this decree comes from the official Scouting Handbook. “You’ll find the relevant [...]

Calgon, take me away….

the wild ones

Sarah Palin with Patriot Riders is JUST LIKE BIKER GANG MASSACRE previously…

White-Hispanic lives matter

George Zimmerman was

hanging on the edge of a cliff

Perhaps some of you have noticed my absence over the last couple few weeks. I started becoming the person I hate…angry bitter anxious and frustrated all the time. Not my personal life, which couldn’t be more perfect. It was the influence I’d allowed from all the external forces. Uncivilization got to me. For a long [...]

Gather Those Rosebuds

Blues Legend B.B. King dies at age 89.

SondraK the Explorer

I am VERY VERY VERY much alive:) More, soon……….