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Alien Migration, Now With Extra Terrestrial

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In Russia, cancellation means jail

(What? Yeah, the old Cold Warrior in me is starting to recognize familiar territory) [glances over at dusty old military-history and war-college tomes on my library shelves] _____ • Story • Picked up by Pookie’s Toons (OT but not deserving of its own post) Today’s nomination for dumbest Hollywood bint

What else y’got to read on a Thursday?


Okay, finally fixed my Thursday evening Wifi problem. Man, the withdrawal-induced chores ! I even did laundry. Life on a little phone without a big screen, keyboard, and mouse just isn’t, you know… life. So, what’ve I missed; and what do you folks want to see posted? Trigger me


…you’re going to see a LOT of people celebrating Rush’s death despite having never heard a word he had to say or attempting to try to understand them. Don’t let them get to you. Their celebrations are an attempt to make you mad and upset. Don’t give that to them…

just sayin

One just can’t have too many 3 foot two-by-fours!

Eating Our Lunch

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it’s a toomah

…those behind Wednesday’s riots — and those that fomented them — will be held accountable…

Aaaand we’re supposed to react how?

There’s gotta be a Tinkerbell joke in there somewhere (What? Nah, my cast-iron skillet is just a good friend)