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Liberal darling and free-birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke is her own biggest donor in her state Senate race, according to official California campaign finance reports. Fluke donated $12,000 to her campaign and $4,826.27 in non-monetary contributions. While $16,826.27 may not sound like a lot, Fluke also loaned her campaign $100,000. Where does a 2012 law school [...]


…At the St. Francis Center, a daytime homeless shelter, pot is the second most frequently volunteered reason for being in Colorado, after looking for work…

there’s a word for these people

Quaker for Palestine

today’s SCORE!!!

$2 whole dollars. tah-dah! Eventually it will go overlapping the top of the skylight as a “valance”…

there’s a word for this

Police are investigating a strange case in a California community, where porcelain dolls are being left on the doorsteps of girls they hold an eerie resemblance to. At least eight families have received the dolls in the Talega community of San Clemente, with all of the girls targeted around 10 years old… …Though the situation [...]

and FINALLY!!!

“Israel is secure.” — Harry Reid …It grows ever-more frustrating, frightening and demoralizing to see people who claim to value pluralism, democracy, freedom, tolerance, and modern civilization make excuses for a terrorist regime lobbing rockets by the thousands onto innocent civilians with the express intent of killing them. We never hear about the thousands of [...]


Marcos and Crisly, Ana and Blanca, Fabiola and Maria Antonia. The youths were among 20 from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who were set to appear in federal immigration court Tuesday for initial deportation hearings. But they weren’t there — 18 of the children whose cases were set to be heard didn’t show up Tuesday [...]

not a fundraiser fundraiser

…Democratic donors who were invited to the San Francisco event, at the Four Seasons Hotel on Market Street, said they had initially been asked to donate as much as $25,000 to sit down with Obama. One who balked at the price said organizers had offered a cut-rate deal of as little as $5,000… …Organizers at [...]

die duh

…The longer individuals were exposed to socialism, the more likely they were to cheat… …the political regime of socialism has a lasting impact on citizens’ basic morality…. …In another aspect of the study, the researchers note that “we did not observe an overall difference between East and West Germans in pro-social behavior,” such as donating [...]

there’s a word for this

Mr. Obama told supporters [at a Democratic fundraiser] that he doesn’t watch the news because, “Whatever they’re reporting about, usually I know.”…

un cadeau

Colin Furze—maker of the coolest Wolverine claws—wants to build a giant butt and fart at France from Dover. That’s why he has built the biggest valveless pulse jet machine ever—these engines powered the Nazi V-1 bombs that terrified London during WW2 making an infernal noise that sounds like a furious fart from hell. Now that [...]

tonight’s Lympians are f*cking dealing with it big time

At least 6,000 people who bought health insurance through Washington’s new exchange are having trouble using that coverage because of computer glitches with the new program. Officials at the exchange are hoping to have all the problems fixed by Aug. 1. Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler told The Associated Press this week that’s about all the [...]

stock weapons

( * ) previously… Some 20 rockets were found Wednesday in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the organization confirmed Thursday…

my pet fundraiser

After receiving a scolding from the press two weeks ago when President Barack Obama refused to cancel a series of appearances at partisan fundraisers amid a domestic crisis, the president is sett his week to repeat that performance amid a foreign crisis. “Sticking to His Travel Plans, at Risk of Looking Bad,” the New York [...]

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Should condoms be distributed at the Clark County Fair this year? The Clark County Combined Health District thinks so. The health district, concerned over high local teen birth rates, asked to provide free condoms in barns at the fair…

today’s audience participation

What is your best attribute and biggest shortcoming?

today’s Lympians

National craft retailer Hobby Lobby is planning to open a store in Olympia, the city confirmed…

that’s racist

so there’s that an elegant opening statement from today’s House Rules Committee hearing on Boehner’s separation-of-powers lawsuit. You’ve heard him make this argument before but he’s getting more apocalyptic with each appearance before Congress — and who can blame him? The last time he testified, Obama wasn’t babbling to activists about amnestizing five million illegals [...]

today’s wedgie

Do they understand that people are coming to this country because they think they’re going to get amnesty? So only if only we had given amnesty…