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If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!


Potty Patrol

Commie Common Core goes to Teh Cloud™ !!!!!!! TS Gold’s creators describe the testing vehicle as “an early childhood assessment system” that purportedly measures the “whole child.” What that means is that the tests are not only for “literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and the arts,” but also for “developmental domains including social [...]

there’s a word for this

…CNN opinion writer John D. Sutter is prompted to ask, Where’s the empathy for Africa? After a few none too subtle comments and quotes from others, stating that there might be more resources on the way has the affliction struck in some other region, Sutter decides to stop beating about the bush entirely. …Except for [...]

tonight’s KisPSA

*ahem* * at choo * aerosol just sayin’

How Biz-Czar

We’re saved! President Obama may appoint an independent bureaucracy, presumably with the mission of boring the Ebola virus to death. “It may be appropriate for me to appoint an additional person” to oversee efforts to contain Ebola, Obama told reporters, adding that experts have told him “a flat-out travel ban is not the way to [...]

it’s got an upbeat and you can cheer to it

…victory dance in Kobane Kurdistan,Kurdish forces have withdrawn ISIS…

today’s wedgie touchdown!

…On the sports-themed Gawker affiliated website Deadspin, an ostensibly thorough investigation seemed to have revealed that Gardner lied about his high school football career. In fact, it appeared that, according to this bit of investigatory journalism, Gardner never played high school football at all…

think positive!

another symptom of the disease CDC Director Tom Frieden fondly remembered his time as a “community organizer” in a 2012 commencement speech at Oberlin College. Frieden described misreading a health report which he had to turn upside down to get right. Frieden’s role as a “community organizer” was first reported in the New York Times [...]

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Addressing the Real Threats

MiniPax is on the job. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel knows what’s causing all problems in the world, and enlightened us in a recent speech at the Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas in Arequipa, Peru. One of those emerging challenges, environmental security, is a major theme of this week’s conference, and it [...]