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the state I’m in

“I wonder, is it George Washington next week?“ —President Donald J. Trump

the truth is neither nice nor cruel it’s just the truth

…Trump denounced hatred and violence “on many sides.” The comment drew sharp criticism across the political spectrum for not explicitly condemning the white nationalists… can say what you want, but that’s the way it is.”… —President Donald J. Trump Why won’t the democrats condemn the violence of Antifa and the BLM terrorists?

No flowers for YOU!

A gay Nazi and KKK member walk into a flower shop looking for flowers for their wedding……

traitor vear!

aww, c’mon, Vogue …it seems Chelsea Manning is eager to share some parts of her new normal. Wearing just a scarlet swimsuit and delicate necklace, the 29-year-old is seen in a Vogue photoshoot this month…

the planet he’s on


mah haih, mah haih

Until now… Here, for later…

looking back to see forward

The Left™ are saying some silly things about what the Signers™ would say about the Who’s Who of today’s anniversary of Independence Day. To save time, allow me to propose an illustration of the end of their likely discussion: Since I already have the painting up in PhotoShop…

Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR President of the United States

The following was posted by the President of the United States from The Official Presidential Twitter Site™. I’m so glad Mister President can find such entertaining diversions. It’s not like he has anything more important to do.

today’s mostly peaceful wedgie

putting the “pro” back in protest A group of Republicans turned the tables on a Charlotte Starbucks Saturday, after its staff was accused of mocking a customer for wearing a Donald Trump tee-shirt. Starting at 2 p.m., more than 50 T-shirt wearing Trump backers staged a peaceful gathering at the Dilworth coffee house, filling chairs, [...]

HOWLing bigly

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