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When Teh Resistance™ Attacks

Intention? or Ignorance? Srsly. What could possibly be the Intention of …well, … tearing down Civilization? Yet I cannot wrap my head around what kind of person/people could not see the danger inherent in encouraging uncivilized, rabble behavior. Gun control supporters stood outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky on Sunday night — [...]

today’s coveted endorsement

Today @iamcardib and I finally met. We had a great conversation about the future of America. And let me tell you: Cardi B is right. Together, we’ll get millions of young people involved in the political process and transform this country. Stay tuned for our video coming soon! — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) July 30, [...]

just sayin ya think

The temple-ish thing he ended up with is essentially a neon sign to observers reading, YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED.

today’s word o the ding dong day

Hispandering Oh, y'all thought I was just making a meme?!?!?! Here it is in its glorious video form: — Jason Howerton (@jason_howerton) June 27, 2019

Happy Fathers Day…

…but, first, you must be a father, i.e. not an abortion fanatic_____ Story

literally literature

who’s gonna tell her Wait so… Kylie threw a #HandmaidsTale party and got dressed as a handmaid… does anyone wanna tell her that handmaids are literally raped, stripped of their freedom and treated as cattle???

a smidgen of victory

True the Vote, a nonpartisan conservative election integrity group that fought a nearly decade-long battle with the IRS and other federal agencies that unfairly targeted the group, has won a major decision in federal court and shall be awarded maximum attorney fees. “It’s been on my heart. In so many ways, this is really a [...]

a server, a Clorox wipe and Hillary Clinton walk into a bathroom…

We are pleased to announce that Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a featured keynote at our #FireEyeSummit in October! Secretary Clinton will engage in an intimate Q&A keynote discussion with Kevin Mandia. >> Learn more at — FireEye (@FireEye) May 30, 2019 Hillary Clinton keynoting a cyber security [...]

it’s raining crazy

Blessed be the umbrella Blessed be the umbrella. Thank you Casey and the @POPSUGAR team for alerting us to this crime, glad we could save the day. Jokes aside, if you’re ever hesitant about calling 911 – don’t be! We take all calls seriously, and worse case we get to go home with a great [...]

today’s banana slice face