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so meme possibilities…

FBI The Musical!

bow wow

There is one thing the Trumps should keep in mind, however: If you don’t like dogs, pretend that you do, even if it’s only for an hour…

The Left™ and the Kobayashi Maru

The Left™ accused Trump of using FDR’s Japanese-internment policy (the FDR-packed SCOTUS’s Korematsu Decision) as his basis for denying entry to aliens from terrorist sh**holes and setting up illegal-immigrant detention centers. SCOTUS has now validated Trump’s order and simultaneously overturned Korematsu. As with Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru simulation, in order to win against reality’s no-win situations, [...]

irony is batting 16,900,000

I was literally just searching because I want need to have one…

off the charts

…the District of Columbia is excluded from all these rankings…

Hey, guys, I’m back. What’d I miss?

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still a bald-faced liar

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Another Day on The Tweeter Twits

Farmer Confronts ANTIFA member. Just another day on Twitter… — Some Guy (@FawkesNewsKisP) May 23, 2018 Arguing with a #Liberal

Man is the only animal that blushes – or needs to.

An MS-13 member who goes by the gang name “Animal” received a 40-year prison sentence this week for a conspiracy that included the murder of a 15-year-old boy… previously… President Donald Trump is defending his use of the word “animals” to describe members of the MS-13 street gang. Trump said he would continue to use [...]

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