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there’s a word for tonight’s KisP fun facts

…[A]fter SNL ran an amusing parody of Schoolhouse Rock to satirize Obama’s order on immigration reform, the Washington Post took it upon themselves to fact check a comedy show. As far as I can tell, this service was not provided after Tina Fey’s line “I can see Russia from my house” helped destroy Palin’s image. [...]

tonight’s honorary KisPian

A vehicle plowed through a group of demonstrators in Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon during a march and rally in the wake of a Missouri grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for fatally shooting a black teenager. A solidarity rally and march for Michael Brown, who was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren [...]

“John Adams just rose from the dead and killed himself”

Angela Folasade @_ethereallush: everyone condemning the looters in Ferguson, where was your condemnation in American History when you learned about the Boston Tea Party?

they pelted him with rocks and garbage*

…Monday night while covering the Ferguson riots MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was forced off air because he had to run for cover from gun shots ringing out behind him… previously… ( * )

thanks Obama!

( * ) We now have an animal cam: “SEASONS GREETINGS” lol!

If Obama Had a Crazy Uncle

Former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry has died at age 78. No doubt the Lamestreams will be filled to the gills with testimonials for his Civil Rights crusading. Or something.   The following most likely won’t be included in the strolls down memory lane.   At the time, Watts-Brighthaupt was working on Barry’s ultimately successful [...]

tonight’s audience participation

There’s nothing sadder than… …a dog turd with a heel print in it…………

reality debased

us: them:

perspective for Progs

first rule of tyranny fight club: remember… your guys won’t always be in charge …I can’t wait for President Scott Walker to unilaterally order all federal agencies to stop withholding union dues and refuse to enforce mandatory fees because Congress hasn’t acted on PEU reform quickly enough or to his satisfaction. Unions can then thank [...]

there’s probably a Russian word for this

…In a federal FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch seeking records of Lerner emails and IRS efforts to retrieve the emails, the IRS used two of the comments to the Legal Insurrection Reader Poll post to justify the IRS no longer disclosing the identities of IRS personnel…