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If Obama Had a Crazy Uncle

Former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry has died at age 78. No doubt the Lamestreams will be filled to the gills with testimonials for his Civil Rights crusading. Or something.   The following most likely won’t be included in the strolls down memory lane.   At the time, Watts-Brighthaupt was working on Barry’s ultimately successful [...]

tonight’s audience participation

There’s nothing sadder than… …a dog turd with a heel print in it…………

reality debased

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perspective for Progs

first rule of tyranny fight club: remember… your guys won’t always be in charge …I can’t wait for President Scott Walker to unilaterally order all federal agencies to stop withholding union dues and refuse to enforce mandatory fees because Congress hasn’t acted on PEU reform quickly enough or to his satisfaction. Unions can then thank [...]

there’s probably a Russian word for this

…In a federal FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch seeking records of Lerner emails and IRS efforts to retrieve the emails, the IRS used two of the comments to the Legal Insurrection Reader Poll post to justify the IRS no longer disclosing the identities of IRS personnel…

* kablOWIE *

I know I’m a little slow at times but then again so are you all from time to time…so I’m going to post this just in case because everyone I have shared it with so far hadn’t seen it and it’s hilarious and epic and leaves you tickly for days and I’ve watched it about [...]

press two

…President Barack Obama will address the country on Thursday night to announce his sweeping, unprecedented decision to use executive authority to enact portions of an immigration reform bill… …While none of the major broadcast networks will cover Obama’s speech live, there is one network that will: Univision. And Obama’s address just happens to air right [...]

Fail Mary

Born Again Pipeline Crusader Mary Landru Landrieu came up short in her cynical bid to pass a bill on the Keystone XL Pipeline just in time for her runoff election. Last minute lobbying from Warren Buffett changes of heart from Senators like Dick Durbin (D – Saudi Arabia) and Angus King (I – Uranus) caused [...]

tonight’s audience participation

peeves 2014 If I sit through ONE MORE green light because some fuckmook is texting up ahead…………….

there’s a word for this

…An avowed white supremacist charged with killing three people outside two suburban Kansas City Jewish facilities on the eve of Passover said in a series of phone interviews that he was surprised none of the victims were Jewish. F. Glenn Miller Jr., 73, of Aurora, Missouri, told The Kansas City Star that he went to [...]