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Happy Fathers Day…

…but, first, you must be a father, i.e. not an abortion fanatic_____ Story

literally literature

who’s gonna tell her Wait so… Kylie threw a #HandmaidsTale party and got dressed as a handmaid… does anyone wanna tell her that handmaids are literally raped, stripped of their freedom and treated as cattle???

a smidgen of victory

True the Vote, a nonpartisan conservative election integrity group that fought a nearly decade-long battle with the IRS and other federal agencies that unfairly targeted the group, has won a major decision in federal court and shall be awarded maximum attorney fees. “It’s been on my heart. In so many ways, this is really a [...]

a server, a Clorox wipe and Hillary Clinton walk into a bathroom…

We are pleased to announce that Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a featured keynote at our #FireEyeSummit in October! Secretary Clinton will engage in an intimate Q&A keynote discussion with Kevin Mandia. >> Learn more at — FireEye (@FireEye) May 30, 2019 Hillary Clinton keynoting a cyber security [...]

it’s raining crazy

Blessed be the umbrella Blessed be the umbrella. Thank you Casey and the @POPSUGAR team for alerting us to this crime, glad we could save the day. Jokes aside, if you’re ever hesitant about calling 911 – don’t be! We take all calls seriously, and worse case we get to go home with a great [...]

today’s banana slice face

…you do the okie-dokie then you turn it all around…

…I really will not allow the simple [ "ok" ] gesture to belong to the moronic dogwhistling catfishing foghorning frogmarching pigsticking dickwaving few who attempt to appropriate it for their own fatuous fantasies… Which brings us full circle to his original question…

MAMA’s boy

Yo’ MAMA Okay, roll your own puns (What? Yeah, I decided against Make America More Moral, Y’all; but how I love ya., how I love ya.) UPDATE: above career-limiting snark superseded by added new graphic as encouraged by Veeshir’s comment _____ Story Previously, on KisP Both picked up by Pookie’s Toons I was wrong. Biden [...]

One wing flaps harder than the other

_____ Story Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

♬ do you know the way to Chick-fil-A ♪

la la laa la la A California city that last year approved the addition of a Chick-fil-A at its local airport now wants to send a message of support to LGBTQ people as the opening date for the fast-food restaurant nears. The San Jose City Council voted 11-0 on Tuesday to hang rainbow flags in [...]