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today’s Thanksgiving KisPtip ( and audience participation! )

Fun with your annoying lefty brother! Use the chainsaw bayonet attachment on your AR-15 to carve the turkey. More!

today’s wedgie

President for life

Note to Kim, Vlad, Raoul, Xi and the rest of the authoritarian scum out there: Mugabe didn’t make it, but I hope you guys do achieve that distinction… real soon. _________ Cultural ref There is some good news about monsters, though: Charlie Manson’s dead.

it’s almost like a wedgie

At a news conference on Wednesday, three UCLA basketball players who were arrested in China for shoplifting expressed their gratitude to Trump for intervening on their behalf — efforts which included a personal appeal to China’s President, Xi Jinping. “To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene [...]

grab ‘em by the pussyenis

locker room gay bath house talk George Takei once again took to social media amid an allegation that he sexually assaulted a former model and actor in the 1980s. This time, Takei was responding to a Howard Stern interview in which the former “Star Trek” star joked about touching men. “Many have raised concern over [...]

today’s wedgie

You may have seen this photo of President Donald Trump’s motorcade winding down a wooded road last week as a woman on a bicycle pedaled by ― giving the middle finger to Trump… …and people on social media began hailing the unidentified woman as a “she-ro,”… …By Tuesday, her bosses called her into a meeting [...]

today’s honorary KisPians

Here’s to you, The ” YEA!!!!!!!!!!!” Guy at the End!

there are at least a couple words for this

A controversial political ad that shows a supporter of the GOP’s gubernatorial hopeful in Virginia, Ed Gillespie, trying to mow down Latino and Muslim children with his pick-up truck has been taken offline – on the heels of the very real New York City truck terror attack. ‘We knew our ad would ruffle feathers. We [...]

Todaze Prog Terror

Personally, I’m more partial to the Fifth of November… but here’s a fun Halloween video I found on InstaFace. From Daily Wire.

old and busted: white grandma in a wheel chair over a cliff