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takin’ ‘em off here boss

Hey Lord, whatever I done don’t strike me blind for another couple of minutes… (*)

less than zero

Apparently Angelenos have a lot on their minds… Once again, the shit-for-brains voters of Los Angeles have blown another local election. Of course I’m speaking about the ones that even bothered to show up. The official bird of Los Angeles is the ostrich. Guess what percentage of L.A.’s registered voters did not bother to vote [...]

and finally


model workplace

A former employee of the troubled Los Angeles clothing firm American Apparel Inc. accused the company’s chairman and chief executive, Dov Charney, in a lawsuit of holding her captive and forcing her to perform sexual acts. The suit, filed in a New York trial court in Brooklyn, seeks $250 million in damages. It accuses Charney [...]

works for me

(*) Geezus H. Christ I hate town. (*)

Fat Tuesday

My co-workers and I were treated to an excellent lunchtime spread featuring the obligatory homemade beignets and a king cake. Definitely a great way to start off the week. So did anyone else celebrate today?

on newsstands now

Picked this up at Sea-Tac to read during my flight back to Los Angeles. LIFE magazine created a superb volume to celebrate the centennial birth of Ronald Reagan. It features more than 150 photos, some of them rare. I highly recommend picking up a copy.

KisP Daily Zen

~You are listening to Los Angeles~

and finally

President Barack Obama speaks to students alongside books written about him at Miami Central Senior High School on Friday. Obama visited the school with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Education Secretary Arne Duncan for an event on the future of education funding. [REUTERS]

up, up and away…

( vid link ) If you ever wished you could tie balloons to your house to finally explore the wilds of South America like you’ve always wanted without having to pack one suitcase, you’re in luck… it is possible. Well, sort of. All you need is a team of scientists, engineers, world-class balloon pilots, a [...]