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can o’ worms opened…

Let’s just get this over with…………
( caution: LibSpeak ahead )

JV negroes

Not name-calling?
Oh, dear boy, you do not want to open thaaat can o’worms* [/EffeminateVoice]

Nah, ain’t important in any way, shape, or form.
Sometimes, I just wanna enjoy myself laughin’ at a clown.
No, this doesn’t rise to the level of bein’ schadenfreude, it’s simply point-and-laugh ridicule.

* In the words of that master wordsmith, Tim Scott, “Senate.”

trigger warning!

he says it like it’s a bad thing

For the wedgie:)…

this is America. Outside a sports store in Los Angeles where you’re from

winning the internets ( from comments )…

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Intolerant Fascists Violently Deny Free Speech to Dangerous Faggot and Feminist Advocate

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

When Snowflakes Tantrum

On Friday, Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Dangerous Faggot” college campus tour was scheduled at UC Davis [Davic CA]. His guest in this appearance was to be Martin Shkreli the pharmaceutical entrepreneur who jacked up the price of an AIDS drug before being indicted on federal securities fraud charges who described his plan to “explain third-wave feminism to MILO”.

That would’ve been … interesting.

Unfortunately, the “commuuuunity” wouldn’t hear of it; and wouldn’t allow anyone else to hear it, either.

They rioted, as one does.

Including this nicely ironic signage.

The LAT helpfully reports that Milo’s “appeal seems to be a matter of packaging; he is a flamboyant gay Brit who wears jewelry, makeup and Gucci accessories, and carries a gold lame backpack. I guess this is what passes for daring on the right.”

The LAT article continues on to clearly Media-‘splain the horrifying!!!11!!! things Milo tends to say in his events:

“Black Lives Matter is the ultimate divisive movement.”

“If white privilege is a thing, why are people working so hard to be black? All of the award shows and cultural events favor black culture.”

“‘Man up’ is a big no-no for liberals, intent on eliminating masculinity from our culture. ‘Toxic masculinity’ and ‘rape culture’ and all the other idiotic things they like to say in their war against men.”

The ‘official’ reports from UCDavis [where they attempted to convince the event’s organizers that they could be held personally responsible for any damage by the rioters — including injury and death to *cough* individuals choosing to riot *eyeroll*] were clear:

“The police have been excellent, the students are being completely peaceful and respectful, and they are standing up for the rights of the community,” said a UC Davis college counsellor as protesters outside reportedly smashed windows and threw barricades at police.

“completely peaceful and respectful” by breaking stuff, shouting invective, and preventing someone from speaking.

“standing up for the rights of the community”…
using the tyranny of the mob.

“Rights of the Commuuuuunity” I didn’t know there was such a thing. I come to understand that the “Rights of the Commuuuuunity” eclipse the Rights of The Individual.


“UCD is denying that there were hammers there.” said Kurtie Kellner, a communications director for the Davis College Republicans, “We were told by Milton Lang (Associate to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Service) that there were in fact hammers at the event.”

“Our concern was about hammers and the protesters using them on the glass to get into building when the Chief of Police suggested that they had more concerning weapons. This was the safety concern that led to our cancellation of the event. If there hasn’t been hammers, we wouldn’t have feared for students/police’s safety, and we wouldn’t have felt pressured to cancel the event.”

ahh, hammers…

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yes. The Hammer is made of Iron.

Hot air makes irony rusty

today’s con-man Democrat poster-boy*

• Entire career is based on bein’ beat-up and arrested by Democrats.
• Is a Democrat using a trumped-up tiff for Democrat fundraising and to market his book.
• Calls the Republican PEOTUS “illegitimate.”

That’s irony, man!
* No, that word wasn’t intentional (not my style), but it’s funny enough to keep, because he’s a jackass.

Black activist calls Lewis “illegitimate congressman.”

Ushering in a new era…

…after the fall

The final 22 employees of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York have been given notice and will receive their walking papers in less than three months. Once numbering more than 200, the staff had already been reduced a couple of times, but the curtain will finally come down entirely this spring. In what may prove to be more than a little ironic, their final exit will take place on tax day. [story]

reckon that’s what happens when you run out of stuff to sell.
Cultural ref


stuff that’s hard to do (post-blowup episode)

SpaceX Falcon9 launch and stage-1 landing just a while ago
(Go full-screen at 5:45 and imagine your head sticking out over the upper rim of stage-1
while you’re plummeting back to Earth (if it were in 3-D, I’d prob’ly puke)

~ vid ~

(What? Well, I got a real kick out of it; ’cause this was launched from Vandenberg SLC-4, which was my ol’ stompin’ grounds back in the ’70s & ’80s; and, no, cloudless blue skies doesn’t mean it’s fake.)

By the way, all ten satellites made it into their proper orbits.
You know, that whole primary-mission, free-enterprise thing that paid for my nostalgic entertainment, here.


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ToDaZeD Quote of The Day

just sayin…

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
—Herbert Spencer

Sooo… how was yourrr Fri-13th?

Wellp, it was in the 70s, here in NC (after bein’ 2ºF a few nights ago),
so I took a couple of ARs out for some therapy against steel targets.
Reckon one will never need a psychiatrist as long as one has access to a shootin’ range.
Had it within my power to slaughter a couple’a-hunnert people.

(What? Yep, relax, we’re good.)

*Heh*, but they could’a just added “and dragons.”