This is fun

Not really to my taste; but c’mon,
the gestures are really simple

~ sign-language version ~

(What? Well, pretty ladies are involved, so reckon it’s not too gay for me)

That odd moment…

when ya realize…

…that one of these guys’ sons is …erm, dating the other guy’s ex-wife.

[while the third guy complains of smelling mustard]

Circles of power a tad too small?

Finish your assignment! »

Nice modeling of mask wearing, there, kNewsome.

Bad luck for Putin

Russian politics,
now with more organized-crime
cultural references

Story (Navalny)
Title cultural ref (bad luck, Sollotzzo in The Godfather)
Cultural ref (poison, The Hound in GoT)
Cultural ref (I know it was you, Michael in The Godfather)

Well, that was a wasted trip

Today’s diary entry

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whut the…???!?

2020: the year satire became impossible
The safer way to loot


ToDaZeD CaliZuela *facepalm*


Governor of the “7th largest economy in the world” [and dropping]:

“Something’s happened to the plumbing of the world

erm… “Science!!!” …or something

it continues:

…and we come from a perspective, humbly, where we submit the science is in [in, out up, or down - *actual* science is never "done"] … that climate change is real, and that is exacerbating this… Please respect, and I know you do [so, no manipulation, then?], the difference of opinion [now it's an "opinion"? ] out here as it relates to this fundamental issue on the issue of climate change.”

But if you “knew” that this was going to happen, as you say, and you know there are forest management things that could have been done to prevent the bad outcomes from this demon, whyinhell did you spend all your time and our resources just making things more difficult for the populace and completely neglect to do anything to prevent these disasters you knew were coming?

Walk thru a forest — if you can hack thru the undergrowth — and you can see with your own lyin’ eyes the issues there. Where is the demonstrated evidence of this recent “climate change™”?

One thing it’s difficult to ignore… A great deal — not all — of the land that is burning as we speak is under Federal Jurisdiction. Which is why so many acres burn and firefighters sit idle in meetings or on random flaming hillsides awaiting orders whilst olympic-level inter-agency pissing contests are conducted.

A very tangled web.

I did not see this one comin’

Looks like Gov’t BS has been piled too high, for even Canadians to tolerate

For fun, I was gonna calculate the impact of their provinces coming in as states;
but I seem to have lost track of how many provinces there are, now.
Wish they’d put stars on their flag or sumpthin’.
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Force and threat of force are despots’ tools

They’re also the tools of thugs and organized crime.
Violence to instill general fear is a terrorist’s tool

Story (Atlantic)
Cultural ref (Dog cover, National Lampoon)
Cultural ref (Wookie, Star Wars IV)
Image source (Wookie)
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It’s Monday. What can go wrong?

You’re fired !

Okay, so mebbe there’s more’n two kinds’a wimmin;
but that kind’a detailed understanding is outside my wheelhouse
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Story (Firery one, but not the right femme in the photodrew458 comment)
NOTE: Don’t recall where the AntiFa joke came from
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