Psychology has a word for this…


Mental health professionals fulfill their ‘duty’ to warn country about Trump’s sanity, hold micro-march. [M]ore than a dozen chapters of “Duty to Warn” met to discuss President Donald Trump’s mental health and fitness to serve as president. Coverage on social media was thin, and by most accounts, things looked a bit stuffy as people settled in to demand the president be removed from office according to the 25th Amendment. [story]

Yeah, and these woker-than-thou showoffs want to warn us about Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder?

A pat diagnosis without even one clinical session.
Dunno if that some kind’a violation of professional ethics, but it’s a sure sign of quackery.

(What? Yeah, I would’a liked to have heard the sound track, too. I like drums.)

the alt-feminist patriarchy


Who’s the new face of the wimmins’s movement?

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[wipes spittle off screen and beard]

H> must not have been available.
Or any other “powerful woman”… like Melania or SondraK or Opra or one of the Chelseas.
Mebbe Bernie’s started hormone therapy for the transition.

Just goes to show that feminism ain’t about wimmin, it’s about The Revolution™.

Only thing that I can think of that would’s been funnier would be if they’d'a chosen a radical Imam.

(What? Uh, dunno what’s next. Boys joinin’ the Girl Scouts?)

DC was built on two kinds of swamps…

…but only one kind was drained

Why aren’t Democrat scandals, malfeasance, treason/sedition, and corruption freely reported?

tipping points

(What? Oh, sure, we could add more to the list: radical environmentalism, globalism, Democrat-run cities, GOPe, etc.)

Playing “Clumsy Donald”
(notice the chess men in the background)

Reality’s cruelty is not limited to one kind of fantasy plaything

Meanwhile, Leftists try to get The Revolution™ going

Hell hath no fury…

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Some people are calling for a boycott of Twitter on Friday, after the service partially suspended actress Rose McGowan …. McGowan had been tweeting in support of women who had come forward with claims they had been sexually abused by … Harvey Weinstein. She also called out other alleged Hollywood male sexual abusers. [story]

Yayyy! Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

… not !

Okay, here’s the lowest, cheapest pun I could find

Hang on, we’re almost done.
Here, enjoy a dozen silly-but-topical cartoons with 7-sec delays

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(What? Yeah, we could do this all day… and did, now that I think of it.)

Okay, just one more…

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Gorilla Guru (concealed carry’s not for everybody)

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stuff that’s hard to do (18th landing, re-used booster)

I won’t bore you with my love of this stuff, so I’ll just put up the basic links:
Launch through cool fairing separation
Landing (video loss makes it disappointing to watch)
In the old days, that loss of signal would likely have meant a big bada-boom.

Cultural aside:
Note the difference between old sci-fi movies and these operations where you hear scores of people yelling and applauding in the background. Also notice the difference between this and airline employees when your flight lands.

(What? Yeah, okay, I’ve been on a number of flights where the passengers applauded in relief. I think the airlines developed jetways, so people don’t kneel and kiss the ground.)
Two-days ago on KisP

Kim’s Mincemeat

Can you hear my teeth gritting from there?

South Korean officials believe that North Korean hackers stole classified U.S.-South Korea military documents, including a top secret plan prepared for potential conflict on the Korean Peninsula. [story]

Hopefully, this was part of a disinformation plan sooo cunning*…
but I would’a done it the old tried-and-true way**

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* Cultural ref
** Historical ref
** Cultural ref

Hypocrisy in Stalag Prog

Nuth’m, eh?

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Look, there are too many examples of celebocrisy to cite here, but this one kind’a trumps ‘em all.
Cultural ref
Cultural ref
Remember: Cultural refs are intended to help future historians understand KisP’s impact on 21stC socio-political evolution; and they may not be as sophisticated, enlightened, and culturally broadened as we KisPers.

Attitudes are changing so fast in Hollywood that this-weekend’s A-List will likely include only celebrities who claim to have been molested by Harvey Weinstein.

(What? Yeah, or their houseplants were defiled by him.)

Remember when they laughed at Mike Pence?
Also: *bwahahahaha*

stuff that’s hard to do (night launch and landing)

Just-deployed string of Iridium satellites in the background — awesome!

Full vid
Multiple-satellite deployment (see: pic above)

(What? Yeah, there’s routine, and then there’s 21st-C routine.)