…you do the okie-dokie then you turn it all around…

…I really will not allow the simple [ "ok" ] gesture to belong to the moronic dogwhistling catfishing foghorning frogmarching pigsticking dickwaving few who attempt to appropriate it for their own fatuous fantasies

Which brings us full circle to his original question


The Pythonization of London continues apace

Cultural ref (Monty Python: pointed stick)
Cultural ref (“Where?!”)
Reminder: links are just for future historians
(What? Yeah, not of much use to past historians.)

Actually, spoon assault is not funny.
(What? Oh, yeah, it’s ha-ha funny; but it’s not, you know, ironic funny)

ToDaZeD Excercize in Teh Stoopud

count the ways…

To avoid the exploitation of the still-pristine worlds beyond Earth — which could lead to the total exhaustion of all the resources within humanity’s reach — scientists are proposing to limit the expanse of space that space firms could gain access to.

…the proposal calls for 85 percent of the solar system to be off-limits to industrial activities and human development, which would leave just over one-eighth of space available for mining.

Yepperz. This’ll work out swell!


Nye goes full-Drogon
Never go full-Drogon
…or full-jackass

Caution: NSFW language

Uhm, Bill?
You ain’t no scientist, an’ that ain’t rightly whatchacall science.
Foul language, insults, false analogies, and temperamental exasperation are not valid rhetorical devices;
they’re the tactics of an argument-losing brat.

(What? Dunno; but, yeah, I’ll bet it’s a clip-on.)
Title ref

Sandy has her nails clipped *rawrr*hiss*

Should’a had ‘er language clipped, too, like, y’know?

She just wants to feel pretty.
Can’t wait for her to try to identify with her male constituents.

Cultural ref
Girl’s love a mustache
Sorry if I’m borin’ y’all,
but this here jackass just entertains the snot out’a me

socialism’s inevitability

Historical ref
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just an observation

No, not original,
just needs sayin’ once in a while.
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☟ Game of Thrones spoiler alert ☟ »
My prediction?
Khaleesi will try to execute Jon by dragon, but the dragon won’t obey.
50/50 the dragon then kills her.

The Hound killing The Mountain by taking him down into the fire is the most poetic-justice death scene… ever.
Story (Popular GoT baby names)
Story-2 (Liz Warren’s analogy self-destruction)
Cultural ref (Hamlet 3:1 — CLAUDIUS: Madness in great ones must not unwatched go)
It’s already a meme

Mothers Day

Love ‘em while ya got ‘em.
She wiped your butt for years.
Least you can do is take ‘er out for chow,
rather than make ‘er sweat over a holiday feast at home.

Not all guys got the message, evidently.

Dunno if any of that’s true, but it makes for a Ps joke.

(What? Well, reckon Sandy told ‘er what a garbage disposal is.)

Somebody start a pool

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Trump v Nadler

The Looney Tunes version

Story (No idea. Could be, though. For entertainment purposes only.)
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What he said