Where the heck have you been for the past century?

From the Oblivious* File

A lesbian columnist wrote a piece in The Guardian complaining that the straight women who wear less-than-feminine clothing are “appropriating” lesbian culture and making it too hard for lesbians to tell who the other lesbians are.

Awfercyinoutloud … now, acceptance is a friggin’ microagression!
Personally, I blame her inadequate gaydar.

The columnist … describes the trend of what she calls “unisex style” as a new thing, blaming the “high-street ubiquity of unisex outfitters … and the androgynous cuts of Scandinavian shops ….” “What was once a queer-owned style has shifted to the mainstream, being appropriated by straight women to the point that it’s now impossible to infer a sexual orientation from the way a woman dresses,” [she] writes in a piece titled “Butch chic: how the gender-neutral trend has ruined my wardrobe.”

Sayyy, whatever happened to the mantra that gay/lesbians are just like regular people?
(What? Well, “regular” is more of a nano-agression, isn’t it?)

According to [her], examples of this “butch chic” style include printed T-shirts, “skirts without peplums or lace,” torn vests “riot grrrl boots,” and, in general, outfits where “functionality takes precedence.”

She is kind enough to clarify that she believes [women] allowed to pick out our own clothes: “Obviously it’s fine. I’m not one to tell straight women to dress straight,” she writes. [story]

Sooo, this was just a bitchy whine, then?
Yeah, typical.
[*thwack* *owww!* Okay, okay, I'm a pig! Now let me up!]

(What? Nah, just enjoying the silliness** often encountered in the British press.)
* Cultural ref
** Cultural ref
Disclosure: one of the hetero-sexiest female ladies I ever knew regularly wore plaid flannel shirts (bra-less and partially unbuttoned), jeans, timber boots, and a pixie haircut … and that was in 1968.
(And in a LBD with heels, she was killer !)
This, brothers and sisters, comprises the entirety of my understanding of ladies’ fashion.

No Plan-Bs in Obamaland

~ story ~

Then again, he’d only need a Plan-B if this jackassery were considered a failure.

Hmm [strokes chin] I’m beginnin’ to have my doubts about this here Obama guy.
UPDATE to the cartoon. Re: its it’s. It’s now fixed (thanks, Fawkes)

Congresswomen drivers… sheesh *shakes head…pats someone on ass…buuuuuuuuuuurp*

why she can’t vote

dollars and cents

Mitty Cent


This could get really ugly.

Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who has long been suspected of abandoning his Afghanistan outpost in 2009, has been charged with desertion,

Last year, in an unprecedented act, the Obama administration agreed to release five top Taliban commanders in exchange for the charged Army deserter.

The Taliban commanders are now reportedly living large in Doha. They will soon be allowed to leave the country, because the negotiated settlement only required that they stay in Qatar for one year. Soon, they will be free to re-engage in their jihad against the United States.

When Bergdahl reached the U.S., White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice said that he served with “honor and distinction,” a claim that she still defends. “He is, as all Americans, innocent until proven guilty. He is now being tried in the court of public opinion after having gone through enormously traumatic five years of captivity,” said Rice.

Sgt. Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers almost unanimously agree that he deserted base on June 30, 2009, after he seemingly became ideologically opposed to the U.S. mission in the region. Others have accused Bergdahl of being far worse than a deserter, as evidenced has surfaced that he may have been sympathetic towards America’s enemies. … [story]

I have no real opinion about Bergdahl, himself.
I do, however, feel a really grim ickiness about why this indictment took so long.
Was it delayed just to cross “t”s and dot “i”s, or was it delayed to allow witnesses and evidence to evaporate?
Nothing is beneath the Obamunists.

enthusiastic non-judgmentalism …

… i.e. lack of good judgment
(teaching our yoots that totalitarian theocratic barbarism is culturally acceptable)

~ vid ~

This guy is either the dumbest Ivy League bigwig ever or politically correct to a fault …. [story]

… or, you know, both.

Hey, I know.
Care packages for concentration-camp and Gulag guards and their families.
Ethnic cleansers need love, too.

(What? Assistant Deans in the Ivy League should wear ties? Uhm, that’d be kind’a elitist, wouldn’t it?)
Note: Even though both posts involve Ithaca, this one is, like, totally unrelated to the post below.

feel something/say something… anonymously

I feel that a smart person could have some fun with this…

The Ithaca College Student Government Association passed a bill March 16 to create an online system to report microaggressions, which sponsors of the bill said will create a more conducive environment for victims to speak about microaggressions.

The bill, sponsored by Class of 2018 senator Angela Pradhan, calls for the implementation of a campus-wide online system to report microaggressions to “make Ithaca College a safer, more inclusive and diverse community for all students.”

Pradhan said the online system would fill what she sees as a lack of an adequate system to report microaggressions.

“I know a lot of senators are working on microaggression stuff within their respective schools, but I felt that there was a need for something to happen schoolwide,” Pradhan said. “And if there was a concrete way to document [microaggressions] online, it would provide students a way to kind of state what’s going on.”

The system would allow individuals reporting microaggressions to remain anonymous. However, junior Kyle James, vice president of communications and co-sponsor of the bill, said those reporting a microaggression would likely have to reveal their identity if they wanted to pursue any legal action….

Since you’re gonna talk about it anyway …

Here ya go.


Personally, I think it’s just a slickback-look thing.
Don’t care.
Just don’t want it to mess-up other comment strings.
Rollover pic is of Nazi collaborators after the liberation of Paris.

Well, I was kind’a right. It’s just a bun.
Wayyy better than Al’s do.
Happy now?

Just a drip, or a drip drip drip?

A logoing! A logoing!
(read the comments)

I think it’s either an enlightening candle flame or a tear for America. (see below)

However, it clearly pokes Obama’s logo in the eye; and after the scales fall, the tears flow.
No, wait … yeah, that’s it! The flame! It’s a fiery purge of Obamunism.

Maybe it’s just a nifty graphic,
buuut it might be a clever way to get some buzz,
aaand it might even contain a hidden message.
You know, a symbol of some nefarious secret society of the Knights of Malta or sumpthin’
which will provide months of fun for the tinfoil-hatists.

This could get good.
Say, perhaps you have a better interpretation?

Dick #13

Oh, Canadia

Dr Zeuss

Those are two terms you never thought you’d hear from you know came from Al Sharpton.

Nah, it’s not important. Well, at least it’s no surprise.
It’s simple point-and-laugh schadenfreude is all, and not all of it is directed at Al.
No, most of it is directed at the suckers who’re payin’ off this embarrassing old hack of a racketeer.

(What? Well, either that, or he’s a real ratings bonanza for the network.)