What’s the deductible on something like that?

Reckon this might make some kind’a sense in one’a ‘em parallel universes

The first two conditions don’t make sense together,
so I didn’t think it’d matter if I added a couple of
additional absurdities

Another example (TX)
Aaand another (NM)
Or this one (cartoon)
Inspired by Stilton’s cartoon today (second one)

Liked ‘em better as nagging shrews

If my Latin needs correcting,
hurry up and tell me, so I can fix it before anyone sees it
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Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon 9, Starlink)

100th Falcon 9 launch
61st booster recovery
7th launch/landing of this booster
Goal of reusability is 10 times

Link to routine coverage which you’ve seen before,
like, you know, three days ago

BONUS: If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when the
60 Starlink satellites deploy from Stg2 and each other,
here’s a snazzy simulation

BONUS2: Starship static-fire test at Boca Chica, TX.
Might be the last test before its 15km flight, the key to that whole enterprise

The Peasants are Revolting

Two short clips

Title cultural ref

When a statement contradicts itself…

…Leftists throw both meanings into the same file for later equivalence
(see also: doublethink)


Kamala’s Seat Needs Handling

Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon9 Sentinel-6 etc. Vandenberg AFB)

Always love to see me ol’ stompin’ grounds, SLC-4 at VAFB, put to good use

Great video!
Full-screen, dammit!

If you didn’t clench during that landing drop…

400 Year Anniversary: Mayflower Compact

One should probably take this anniversary seriously,
but I’m not in the mood. It’s enough to know that the
Pilgrim settlers learned that collectivism/socialism
doesn’t work before they all starved to death

This is what it looked like
This is what it said
This is what it meant (audio NSFW)

☟ Personal Note ☟ »
I and a gazillion other people are descended from one of the main guys on the voyage who signed the Compact, Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance. Interesting guy: not a Pilgrim but hired staff because of his familiarity with Indian languages from his 1609 voyage to Jamestown, which was interrupted by shipwreck on a deserted island (Bermuda), leading a mutiny, building a new ship, arriving in time to save the Jamestown colony, returning to England, and getting roped into this Pilgrim thing. Fun rumor is that Stephano in The Tempest is based on him. Pretty sure he’s my ancestral high point, if you ignore the mutinous, tavern-keeping-in-a-Puritan-town, assistant-governor parts. On the plus side, he got along very well with the local natives (could be his tavern-keeping skills played a part, dunno)

Spin ’till yer dizzy

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Via (Investment Watch)