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…The president is expected to return to the White House on Sunday, but officials won’t say why Obama is taking the unusual, and costly, trip back to Washington. He’s expected to return to Martha’s Vineyard, where he’s been vacationing, on Tuesday…

…A return to Washington merely to meet with staff would also seem to undercut assurances offered by the White House that the president is fully operational, even when vacationing away from the capital.

Asked about partisan criticism of the vacation last Friday, Schultz noted Obama “travels with a wide array of communications equipment, and we also travel with a staff that allows us to have robust operational capabilities.”…


there’s an app for that!

make “every day Election Day” through “spending choices.”…

Discrimination is ok sometimes

worst propaganda video … ever

Hamas funeral footage*
He says he’s not dead. Yes, he is. I’m getting better.**

~ vid ~
* I especially like the guy on the right end relaxing with his footage crossed. Wait, was he giggling?
** Cultural ref

scene in America

( * )

my head is reeling…

Language and “Trigger” Warning

(Reuters)President Barack Obama is loosening restrictions on lobbyists who want to serve on federal advisory boards, a White House official said on Tuesday, a setback to the president’s efforts to tamp down special interest influence in Washington.

*blink*blink blink*

and it looks like my tummy will be unhappy soon, too


Hillary!: “‘Don’t do stupid shit’ is not a policy!”

Teh iW∅n, Bitch: “Horseshit.”


“Secretary Clinton has at every step of the way touted the significant achievements of his presidency, which she is honored to have been part of as his secretary of state. While they’ve had honest differences on some issues, including aspects of the wicked challenge Syria presents, she has explained those differences in her book and at many points since then. Some are now choosing to hype those differences but they do not eclipse their broad agreement on most issues. Like any two friends who have to deal with the public eye, she looks forward to hugging it out when … they see each other tomorrow night.”

I truly cannot tell if Hillary! got the threat word from …Someone/where Of Power OR now, she’s just messin’ wit The Amateur.

Crusades (cont’d)

We all know what happens when Saracens piss-off a Pope

Military intervention in Iraq may be the only way to stop the genocide against the country’s Christian minority by the Islamic State …, a senior Vatican diplomat says.

“At this moment, we hope the voice that is surging from different Christian and religious communities, from moderate Muslims, from people of good will around the world, may find the response of concrete humanitarian assistance that is provided for the Christians in northern Iraq as well as some political and even effective military protection,” ….

This marks the first time a Vatican official has supported military action of any kind in recent memory. Pope John Paul II condemned the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 1991 Persian Gulf War. [more]

No, it’s not like taking-back the Holy Land for Christendom,
but it is like taking-back the Cradle of Civilization (Mesopotamia) for Civilized Humans.
Historical ref: “How many divisions does the Pope have?” — Stalin

Heads Up

money earned
ok – not earnedearned like earning $20 the hard way at the bus station… but earned nonetheless.

There was an “adjustment” on my AT&T bill for 34¢. Yeah, 34¢. So out of pure cussedness, I decided to call and ask ‘em WTH.

Called the number written on the bill for billing questions. After drilling down thru the auto-menu, they told me this is not the number for billing questions and to call the other number on the bill.


Calling the other number and drilling down thru the auto-menu — a-gain — getting tired of this game and repeatedly pressing 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 — I got a person!

yay. A non-english speaking person, but a person nonetheless.

Who told me that this was the worng number and to call the other number.


Nuh-uh! They told me to call you!

[and what the hell is this obsequious, thankyouthankyouthankyou crap they make these poor fone-foreigners use as their boilerplate?! Like I got a f’n choice to use AT&T?!? Plz. And your deep, heartfelt sorrow at my inconvenience ain’t gonna get me a cuppa joe, neither, so save it.]

She deedles her magykk buttons and puts me straight thru to another person — one with a thick middle eastern accent who gives me even more slooooow, obsequious boiler plate and finally finally gets around to telling me the 34¢ is a “mistake” and he will credit it back. Great. Swell. ThankyouBye! But I gotta sit there and hold his hand while he does it.

And when I suggested that he was perfectly competent to do his work without my assistance, he got huffy and slowed down even further.

And then gave me a $10 credit.

So 45 minutes of modern stupid for $10.34? Not what I’d want as a permanent job, but, as I was doing other things needed done while on speakerfone, worth it.

What kept running thru my mind was how many people are going to say, “34¢?!? whatever.” Times how many customers just in CA? .34*1,000,000= $340,000. Not bad for a little “mistake,” eh?

Do with this information as you will.
*adjusts tinfoil hat to jauntier angle*
*skips off happily*

Sooooo …

How’s your day goin’?
Anything you’d care to share, confess to, or warn us about?

uhm …

~ story ~

Hey, could'a been worse (BTF): »


Update: I apologize for posting another picture of somebody holding up a piece of paper (see: post below). GMTA

Update: more (this time, FedEx)

justice oh brutha

( * )

Finish your assignment! »

an ex … Robin

Alas, I’ll miss this sort of thing
(caution: language)

~ vid ~
Title cultural ref (@2m:45s) (Well, I think he’d've appreciated it.)

Update: another good Robin Williams vid with the troops

One if by phone, two if by pen, three if by sword

Here’s an article with a short summary of the legal and political issues.
I think it’s valid, probably because it expands on a comment of mine from a while back.

Just two weeks after the Obama administration asked Congress to repeal the Iraq war authorization, the White House is failing to adequately explain to lawmakers the legal justification and concrete objectives for its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), according to congressional insiders apprised of off-the-record briefings on the matter.

Questions are now being raised on Capitol Hill about how the White House intends to legally justify its military campaign, particularly in light of its efforts to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq (AUMF). [more]

Go read it. Yeah, the whooole thing, dagnabbit!
Y’might larn y’se’f sumpthin’, thar, Br’er KisPer.


kickin’ it St Louis style

A *disputed* street-shooting and

“Protesting” Hood-style at the QuickieMart

Here’s Teh Noo LooterGuy2014

Then they set it on fire…

And moved on to the AutoZone, Sports Store, Toys R Us, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, Tire & Auto, Radio Shack [?!??!] …

And then — 10+ miles away — The Galleria

Not such a soft target as the QuickieMart…

Stuff like this seems to support the militarization of the police — for those who by choice live unarmed and unprotected in the jungles we call a “city.”

Not seeing a lot of women in the “protestors” pix.
Funny, that…

Moar here, here, here

Check the comments on some of these sites: this ain’t going over well with their honkey neighbors…

wonder if it had anything to do with the SuperMoooon?

I’m running out of words for this

…This issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision,” Obama retorted when asked if he had any second thoughts, in light of the terrorist force taking over regions of Iraq, about having pulled all American troops out of the country…


“After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011,” he said. “So today, I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year.”

Go figure. This one was “Bush’s fault”.


in the country soon to be known as Formerly-Iraq…

The U.S. government indicated Sunday evening that it had broken with Maliki. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement that “the United States fully supports President Fuad Masum in his role as guarantor of the Iraqi Constitution. We reaffirm our support for a process to select a Prime Minister who can represent the aspirations of the Iraqi people by building a national consensus and governing in an inclusive manner. We reject any effort to achieve outcomes through coercion or manipulation of the constitutional or judicial process. First, let me take a selfie!”

…For the third day, U.S. jets and drones swooped over the militants, launching five strikes near Irbil, the Kurdish capital, that damaged and destroyed the group’s vehicles and a mortar position, according to the U.S. military.

…U.S. spy agencies have begun to see groups of fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates in Yemen and Africa to join the rival Islamist organization [“ISIS”] that has seized territory in Iraq and Syria …

and on another war front

“Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” said [Hillary Hope is not a strategy] Clinton

“What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision,” [iW∅n "I said I'd end the war in Iraq. I ended it.”] Obama said.


Using secret tunnels built by Saddam Hussein and rough terrain to outfox Iraqi troops, Islamic State insurgents are getting dangerously close to Baghdad with the support of heavily-armed Sunni tribesmen, Iraqi security and intelligence officials said.

…Iraqi intelligence and security officials are far more alarmed by the Islamic State’s less heralded campaign in rural areas just south of the capital, rugged Euphrates valley terrain once known to U.S. forces as the “triangle of death”.


According to Islamist social media accounts ISIS fighter Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi was reportedly killed in Gaza.

According to Aymenn J Al-Tamaimi there is an established ISIS network in Gaza.


Bonus Cannot Unsee »



The vid demonstrates that the message from PootyPoot the stuuuudents was a tad more …pointed than the pix demonstrate.

OR *clicky*clicky*


your evening *clank*

Isis sympathisers in east London met their match in the form of a nun who tore down a flag glorifying the Islamist fanatics accused of genocide agianst non-Muslim minorites in Iraq.

There was outrage in east London after the black flag of Isis (also known as the Islamic State) was hung over the entrance of the Will Crooks estate in Tower Hamlets. Reports claimed a gang of youths patrolled the area and intimidated members of the public who stopped to photograph the flag. Anti-Semitic threats were issued by thugs, reported the Standard.

But overnight, a plucky nun shrugged off the potential danger and tore down the flag from the gates, where it had been flying alongside a Palestine flag.

That nun was Sister Christine Frost, a Roman Catholic 77-year-old who has lived in and served the deprived local community for 44 years …. [more]

*clank* as in the sound of a ruler on knuckles

Meanwhile, back out my way …

Good news, everyone!*

A federal court today smacked down the Holder Justice Department and refused to enjoin (block) North Carolina’s voter ID law, curtailment of costly early voting and end of fraud-infested same day registration. This means the state’s voter ID law will be in place for the midterm congressional (and Senate) elections in November.

“Eric Holder has been beaten now twice in the Carolinas on voter ID. Today’s ruling shows just how wrong he is when it comes to election law.” [more]

(What? Yeah, that pic could be racist and sexist and prob’ly homophobic, too. I don’t subscribe to the automatic updates. Heck, I’m still operating with Constitution ver-1.27.)
* Cultural ref

Your regularly scheduled … We . are . allll . gonna . die !

Tomorrow, Sunday.
Or next month … for sure.

The SUPERMOON will light up the sky in a beautiful spectacle on Sunday but may also act as a catalyst to Earth’s terrifying and dramatic conclusion, according to ancient legend.

It occurs when the moon’s path of orbit leads it to sweep dangerously close to Earth causing tides to rise and the crust of the planet to shift.

Astronomers are expected to be lapping up the event which will see the moon travel 863 miles closer to the earth than normal. Tom Kerss, astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, explained there have been three supermoons so far this year, two in January and one in July. If ancient prophecies don’t come true and the world doesn’t end on Sunday, there will be another next month, he added.

If that doesn’t happen, take heart, there’ll be another cool chance eighty-some years from now:

The Supermoon comes two months after a rare honey moon appeared on Friday, June 13. The spectacle had not occurred on that exact day for more than 100 years and is not set to reappear till 2098. [more]

Forgive me for making light of this, but all is as Isaac Newton predicted … accurately.
If this is the dread End of the World™, however, I will be duly embarrassed.

(What? Nah, takin’ bets would be tempting Providence.)

* p chchhhhhhhhhhhh *

” all you need is a bunch of monkeys runnin’ around “
—some JR

A crash involving a truck hauling human waste tied up traffic for hours in the Lansing area Friday, after thousands of pounds of waste spilled onto the freeway…

…the two-compartment 18-wheeler was approaching a curve — just south of the Kalamazoo Street exit — when a tire blew out, causing the waste to shift to the second compartment…

…“The truck was carrying 50,000 pounds of waste, but that second half had 25,000 pounds of human waste and manure in the back; and so that smeared literally about 2,000 feet,”…