The Remnant

How long do you think you’d have to hike outside Chappaqua before you bumped into Hillary Clinton?

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Zoe Roth… is not a pyromaniac

‘C’mon, this is my meme!’


Mike Rowe (pbuh)

My pick for Undersecretary of Adult Supervision for Manhoodsplaining

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mebbe if she was on a T-shirt


*snick* The commie-made jeep hauling Castro’s funeral ashes broke down and had to be pushed.
[a full description of my laughter can be had by sending a SASE]

[I]t’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become something of a controversy. [Pence]


Every Freakin’ Day time he opens his sad little yap

It’s only gonna get worse… cornered animals being what they are.

“The biggest challenge that I think we have right now in terms of this divide is that the country receives information from completely different sources,” Obama said in an interview with Rolling Stone

Remember — he’s standing in Germany… next to Angela Merkle while saying this. That indicates a Global pushback against the pushback against the Gloalists. Nice and symmetrical, that…

He goes on to claim:

In an age where there is so much active misinformation [*cough*ABCBSMSLSD ring a bell?*cough*]… It looks the same… packaged very well…

If we are not serious about facts … about what’s true and what’s not… If we can’t discriminate between Serious Arguments and Propaganda, we have a serious problem. [yet that’s been the lifeblood of the SJW/Proggies, like, forever… eg convince everyone Trump will deport everyone — even the black people. BTNIN, eh?]

…if no distinctions are made then we won’t know what to protect ….what to fight for… [so it *wasn’t* the poing of Proggie SJWs to confuse and discourage the populace thereby to advance Proggie Agenda? …interesting.]

rly? This from the fella who invited BLM to the [uncomfortably named] White House..

BLM. Black Supremacists. Who get violent on yo ass if you say “ALL Lives Matter”. …who claim that all cops are, by association, white. …who claim all cops are lurking out there, seeking to shoot black men for fun Teh Hatez. …or something.

While that group is honored at the [uncomfortably named] White House, the sworn officers who get ambushed and murdered — for the simple fact that they are Blue — get…. *crickets*

From Teh Leader of The Free World.

And all this supported by the SJW crowd — because they are the Righteous, the Defenders of Teh People, The Safety Pin People — but only if one belongs to the Correct Identity Group. Some being More Equal Than Others.

I guess they missed that part in History [cuz they failed to refused to study History] where it’s usually …difficult and problematic to oppress the majority. At least without their willing participation. And I think that participation may be coming to an end.

Perhaps, if we take this on in a timely manner — when people are merely severely annoyed, before they become truly goldangit!-all-f’n-done! pissed off — we can avoid what History informs us is the usual outcome of such a situation and grow into a place where the Individual is taken on his own merit, regardless of Identity Group of whatever sort.

Yanno choosing companions, employees and associates on the basis of “the content of his character” kind of thing…

more noses that need punching

Oh, now who didn’t see this comin’?

Well, that’s a very nice message. And now I have a message of my own for these students.

Stabbing a bunch of people for not believing the same things that you do is the very definition of hatred and intolerance, yet you self-absorbed little shits dare project the guilt for this heinous act upon the rest of us? No. Here’s the deal. The disgusting piece of trash who attempted this slaughter was here in this country as a guest, funded by taxpayers like me who’ve been in the workforce for 20+ years. We literally rescued him and his family, and this is how he repaid us–by whining about oppression and microaggressions as he plotted a murderous act of terrorism against innocent people.

We will not let you make this about your self-centered agenda. This is not your show. Your callow sloganeering “thoughts” on tolerance, diversity, microaggressions and general butthurtedness are unwelcome at this time, precious snowflakes. Never, ever presume to lecture the rest of us again. [Ace of Spades]

Yep. Heckuva rant. Terse, valid, flexible enough for indoor or outdoor voice. Terrific.

(What? Nnnn, prob’ly “butthurtedness;” but “self-absorbed little shits” was pretty good, too.)
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Here’s a nice commentary from Right Angle.
They’re talking about this video.

Aaand another nose that needs punchin’.

Feeding the Alligators

Secretary of the Treasury: Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs executive and protégé of George Soros.


Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao, a.k.a. Mrs Mitch McConnell.


Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross, lifelong Democrat and George Soros BFF.


Secretary of Homeland Security: Michael McCaul, 5 term Congressman and co-sponsor of amnesty legislation in 2015.


Again, this doesn’t exactly feel to me like tearing down the establishment / burning down Washington / draining the swamp. Just sayin’.

My take:



For Headmissy:

Keep diggin’, jackasses

Pelosi re-elected as House Minority Leader

(What? Dang right this applies to the GOPe, too!)

Ouroboros and the memory hole

I suspect that the left’s feeding-frenzy (see: purge) will get even more interesting.
The halls of power will be crawling with wandering hordes of aimless, no-longer-adored, zombie-like unpersons in search of validation.

Chaos reigns in the liberal/left alt universe following its defeat in the presidential elections with members turning on each other. While Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein is pushing forward with her online begging to fund her presidential recount campaign, encouraged by losing Democratic candidate Hillary R. Clinton, rank and file Green Party members are voicing their opposition.

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Green Party candidate for Senate from Maryland, released a letter on her campaign site complaining about the misuse of time and funds in the Green Party’s name ….

Putting their actions where their mouths are, in the ultimate erasure, Party official have scrubbed her from Green Party history and life, rewriting–or forgetting–their history. She does not exist for them.

Proud of her as a candidate, there is now no mention of her on the Green Party site. [story]

Trump was right about the “scam” thing, then?

(What? Nope, haven’t searched the DNC website for “Hillary” yet, but I suspect that The Bus™ is bein’ gassed up as we speak. Well, it wouuuld be, if she didn’t have the dirt to blackmail everybody in DC.)

Add one to “people I want to punch in the nose”…

…but won’t, because that’s not how we deal with things like this.
Besides, the real target is never the nose but the jackass wearin’ it.

The Ohio State University assistant director of residence life allegedly expressed sympathy for Somali stabber Abdul Razak Ali Artan in a bizarre Facebook post Monday that has since gone viral.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson urged her followers to have compassion for Artan after he expressed a desire “to kill a billion infidels” and then tried to kill as many as he could at OSU. She also urged people to “think of the pain he must have been in,” ….

She has since, apparently, deleted her entire Facebook account.* [She] was recently honored by OSU with an award for being an “Outstanding First Year Advocate,” however the university webpage touting her achievement has since been deleted.** [story]

Sometimes, just the mental image of punching a jackass in the nose brings a smile to my face.
My icy outrage melts away in the cozy, puppy-like warmth of virtual violence.

(What? Well, okay, yeah, that and I can’t actually reach ‘er from here.)
* ** Woo, looks like the ol’ Memory Hole has been fed, and the jackass is now an “unperson.”