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word from “The Scientist”.

Monday. Good! Mondays are fun

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Sunday’s whose bright idea was this?

(What? Hey yeahhh, she does have only three fingers on each hand, just like…)
Note: Was gonna do this yesterday; but I figgered the joke was so obvious, it’d be done to death elsewhere.
Well, it wasn’t, so you’re stuck with my version

Good, there is anotherSondraK

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barking lap dog

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Cultural ref (Casablanca)

Well, I thought it was funny

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Looks like governor elections will be more important this time

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pun : wit :: Schiff : man…

…fun to play with, but ultimately worthless

☟ Ted Cruz nails Obama in one word ☟ »

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ToDaZeD Phrase Collection

beautiful jewels of expression


it’s not a pandemic — it’s a damn panic.

Tucker Carlson describing PA .Governor, Tom Wolf, as…

…a slope-shouldered mediocrity

Sean Covell, owner of Fitness System gyms in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood, West Sacramento and Lodi — well, his attorney. Both have my admiration. He is “arguing the orders violate the Constitution and have cost him $850,000 so far.”

“a cascading series of ham fisted” orders are destroying his business…

These orders have, with the bludgeoning blow of the butcher, struck at and virtually destroyed civil rights and liberties of the plaintiffs,” says the 42-page lawsuit, which is accompanied by a request for a temporary restraining order that would allow the gyms to reopen.

NannyP [wearing one of her matching, designer "masks"] describing her saddling Americans grandchildren with yet another $3 trillion of debt — debt to whom, now? The one she calls The Hero Bill? [running cupcakes]

“The American people are worth it,”

Trump’s response?

It’s DOA