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In a press conference House Democrats held today to bloviate over the controversy with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. … was caught red-handed quoting from a fake Twitter account to bash the now-former Trump administration national security adviser.

In his defense, he was just following the lead from Queen Democrat herself, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. … who went off on Flynn for a full two minutes over the word “scapegoat.” [story]

That deserves to be rubbed-in recognized.
Therefore, this award goes to both Pelosi and Cummings:

Sorry, Nancy, but that waaas a Maxine Waters-league faux news faux-pas, so it couldn’t be ignored.

(What? Yeah, now that you mention it, she did put her foot in it in that post, too. Well, full marks for consistency, then.)

missing the point

Probably true,
but beside the point.

A study conducted at the University of Toronto concluded that extreme protest tactics such as blocking traffic, damaging property, and rioting actually reduce popular support for the political movements that employ them. [story]

The issue is not the issue. The Revolution™ is the issue.

All traditional, Western, liberal ideas, principles, habits, characteristics, history, culture, etc. are issues.
The Left™’s objective is to foment any and all chaos which can lead to The Revolution™ and eliminate or weaken all principles, culture, and institutions that could interfere with it.

By any means necessary, since the stories and issues and promises and absurdities they used before The Revolution™ will go down the Memory Hole after New History™ begins.
All reality and ideas that don’t serve will be changed or eliminated.

That’s why they ally themselves with movements and causes that any reasonable person would call incompatible (crime, anarchism, Islam, etc.). They will be dealt with in due course; but, first, The Revolution™.

If rioting over which way twist-ties are twisted would lead to more chaos, then it’s a legitimate issue. If the twist-tie industry adopts The Left™’s position, The Left™ will become outraged over its impact on some currently fashionable victim group.

The issue is not the issue. The Revolution™ is the issue.

Never made it to Disneyland

Well, after all, he was only Kim Jong-un’s half-brother.

Sounds like Kim’s insecurities have been stirred up.
Maybe Jong-nam had a phone call with Flynn?
Stay tuned.

Remember, you’re only Glorious Leader for Life.

Happy Valentine’s Day

to all you who self-identify as KisPettes
(void where prohibited by fatwa)

UPDATE: romantic mood enhancement (BTF): »

(What? Yeah, same card every year. I’m such a traditionalist when it comes to romance.)

☟ Love trumps hate ☟ »

(What? Nah, I don’t think it’s entirely an ethnic thing, unless cheapskates is an ethnic group.)

Okay, so maybe it’s funnier in Gaza.

today’s coveted endorsement

ToDaZeD CA *face-scratch*


just add water!

ToDaZeD CA *facepalm*

O Damn Edition

The California National Guard put out an alert to all 23,000 of its soldiers and airmen telling them to be “ready to go if needed,” [to assist with the Oroville emergency] [Adjutant General David Baldwin] said. The last time officials sent out such a broad notification was the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, he said.

eight helicopters to assist with spillway reconstruction; military police …to Yuba County

Yep. Serious stuff.

But, there’s a brighter spot this morning. The water has gone down, inflow has slowed. And! there is A Plan:

Officials also said they would use bags of rocks [dropped from helicopters] to try to plug the hole at the emergency spillway.

That’s would be something to see: IF they would show it around here. It’s amazing how little coverage the channels 200 miles away are giving this historic event. Much less the cable nooz . …as opposed to 24 solid hours of Prince’s death. …or a solid week of Zombie Plane!!1!!! ‘coverage.’

funny, that…
ah. I’m sure there’s a good reason.

Interestingly, the Sikhs near The Sac [Sacramento] are opening their temples to evacuees. There is a large Sikh population in the valley; this will be a good opportunity for some to learn the difference between Sikh and others who may wear similar headgear.

…so there’s that.

Here’s a coupla useful maps:

The current evacuation area:

NOTE: This map below is NOT what will happen. It is a CalFire “what if“map of flood potential from an actual dam break. But it is informative.

A Dam Break Is NOT [currently or likely] Happening. The current concern is the 30 vertical feet [times the area of the lake - 25 sq miles/16,000ac times 30 feet = 480,000 acre feet OR 480,000 acres covered with 1 foot of water] of water held back by the Emergency Spillway. …which is enough already in a purportedly First World state.

Aside: that white area in the middle is Sutter Buttes, a seemingly random and quite beautiful lumpy bit in the middle of the flat, flat Central Valley.

And here’s a topo map site where those with great interest can see the amazing flatness of the Central Valley and why the evacuation zone is what it is. Note the Feather River is joined by the Yuba River near Yuba City [evacuation order ‘voluntary’] and becomes the Sacramento River somewhere around Joe’s Landing. Then it heads into The Sac where it runs through downtown of the Capitol of Kleptofornia, and is Joined by the American River.

All those rivers are subject to the pressures of Spring Melt in addition to those of the Pineapple Express*.
[*a specific ‘atmospheric river’ with strong storms from the North Pacific sucking up warmer, heavy moisture from the area around the Hawiian Islands. We are, apparently, no longer advised to use that term this year as it may be ‘Cultural Appropriation’ or something…]

Things are not done being interesting in CA water politics.

these people

The entertainment industry entertains

Some by insulting half their customer base,
others by raising the bar for trolls to a new level.

I have no idea who Joy Villa is.
Heck, I have no idea who any of the Grammy people are.
Never heard any of their songs, either.
Never watched the Grammies, prob’ly never will
(at least not while there are Russian dash-cam videos on YouTube).

I do know one thing, though.
Ms Villa just entertained the dickens out’a me.

Hmmm, I wonder if that dress is part of the Ivanka collection.

(What? Nah, she looks like she can take care of herself.)

Meanwhile, Katy Perry exhibited either gross insensitivity
or a moronic ignorance of the historical meaning of political arm bands

The ’30s called, and they want their sick-ass symbology back.

See also: brilliant marketing

Andre Soriano, the man who designed the dress [is an immigrant from the Philippines, and the dress] was made from a Trump Flag. [story]

I totally missed the joke.

Just Dayum Update

politically unpopular maintenance spending proves important
who knew?

OROVILLE —February 12, 2017 at 5:34 pm
An emergency evacuation has been ordered for Oroville-area residents by the state Department of Water Resources, which predicts that the auxilliary spillway [formerly known as the “Emergency Spillway”] at the Oroville Dam will fail within the next hour.

“At 4:19 p.m., dam operators reported a hazardous situation is developing with the Oroville Dam auxiliary spillway,” it states. “Operation of the auxiliary spillway has lead to severe erosion that could lead to a failure of the structure.”

It says that would result in an “uncontrolled release of flood waters” from the lake.

…“This is not a drill,” states the bulletin. “Repeat this is not a drill … Move to higher ground now. Act quickly to protect your life.”

…Affected areas include Oroville, Palermo, Gridley, Thermalito, South Oroville, Oroville Dam, Oroville East and Wyandotte.

You remember? The one they must [therefore will] have all fixed up by October? yeah. That one…

Fearing a gush from Lake Oroville if the emergency spillway collapses, officials are releasing as much as 100,000 cubic feet per second from the main, heavily damaged spillway in a frantic effort to drain the lake below where it spills out the emergency structure

…[Maury Roos, a CA Department of Water Resources hydrologist] said that below where the Feather River merges with the Yuba River, levees are rated for a capacity of around 300,000 cfs.

but wait… there’s moar:

[Kevin Dossey, an engineer and Department of Water Resources spokesman] said the emergency spillway was rated to handle 250,000 cubic feet per second, but it began to show weakness … at 12,600 cfs at 1 a.m. Sunday [which was] down to 8,000 cfs by midday.

That’s about 5% of “rating”.
[did I do my maths right?]

Hey — at least I asked if my maths are right. This is the same CA Department of Water Resources whose “experts” — as they demanded new regulations for rural septic systems — diagramed water flowing up-hill unaided.

I kid you not. $160-205K per year they “make” to tell us Kuntry Bumpkins that water flows up-hill all by itself.

I have complete faith in their estimations.

Perhaps — after the proverbial dust settles — just, perhaps there will be some push for re-consideration of the necessity for dams in Kleptofornia.

Not to mention the electricity they produce.

State Department of Water Resources told Butte County Sheriff Kony Honea shortly after 6 p.m. that “the erosion that caused all this concern was not advancing as rapidly as they thought.”

…There is a plan currently in place which would hopefully plug that hole, Honea said, including using helicopters dropping bags of rock into the crevasse to prevent any further erosion.