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Yeah, that Stacey Abrams

Not going to run for president,
but willing to be VP on the ticket

Story (Stacey RNC)
Story (Stacey VP)
Historical ref (Panthers 2008)
Historical ref (Panthers 2012)

Oh, boy, is this great !

C’mon, we all love to watch a jerk self-immolate in front’a God’n everbody.
Well, I do

This is risible
NOTE: I will kibosh the actual n-word in comments. It’s a despicable and vile term which is totally unnecessary in civil discourse.
Story (caution: unseemly language NSFW)
Title cultural ref (Animal House)
Cultural ref (Animal House)
Cultural ref (Life of Brian)
Cultural ref (Fredo kissed)
Cultural ref (Fredo fishing)

here’s A Thing…

Summah Tiiiiime

Summer Movies. Fun, right? Well, not so much since moviemakers lost the ability to originate new ideas, like the other movies due this September, Rambo: Last Blood & Joker. again.

This Summer Movie is a kind of Hunger Games / Deliverance / The Purge sort of thing.

Oh wait… Is this the movie about Teh Elite™ paying to hunt Teh Deplorables?!?? [Which way ya think that fight's gonna go? heh...]

But now Universal has pulled the movie. Lots of stupid reasons are being conjectured [in the sonorous tones of absolute certainty].


weekend Ps fun

Tarzan joke inspiration
#2 picked up by Pookie’s Toons

Oh, now who didn’t see that comin’?

Old jokes are best

I have absolutely no remorse for that scumbag pervert.
However, I am livid that other corrupt perverts may now escape public shame and justice,
although one might justifiably anticipate more ‘suicides’ and/or ‘accidents’.
Cultural ref (The Godfather 2)
Story (Paul Joseph Watson)
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Epstein: the movie

Many more good Epstein cartoons

Joe’s suckin’ all the oxygen out’a the Democrat race

Ocasio-Cortez can’t compete, either

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Why haven’t we seen this all along?

Story (Pat Sajak)
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the kitchen think

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ToDaZeD Quote of Teh Day

Claire Cowflower, me & mine

“By all means, don’t talk to cops, if there are cops there, for. any. reason. at. all, riiight?

Oh, and if you see someone talking to cops, let the marshals know.”


*Jazz Hands*

“This is what Building Power looks like.”

Human Nature Deniers

[...who will any minute now get into a fistfight when someone with the worng pronouns wears an aggressive scent and claps or hollers thereby endangering everyone. cuz what happens to one happens to all in a collective. hey, gimme that iPhone; or didja bring one for everybody?]

“Take a deep breath! Thank you, Comrad.”