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Slow Saturday watchin’ LeMans, gunsmithin’, and surfin’ the web between thunderstorms.
Caution: language, srsly

(Nov 8, 2016)

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Ozzy Man
(posted right after the BBC vid was posted)

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Snoop Dogg
(posted this Monday, reckon they thought we’d forget after 7 months)

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Still watching LeMans, so you get another fun, slow-weekend vid.
I am continually awed by the skill of some guys who actually work for a living.
Watching a blue-collar knight is more fun than watching a millionaire athlete.

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[goes back to playing with Tonka™ toys in sandbox *vroom*vroom*]

Your Sunday-evening *clank*

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Violent thugs are not real Democrats

Nothing new to add; just wanted to post this graphic.
Inspired by Ace of Spades

The Bitch is Back.

“You’re Just Chicken!”

who is this for?

Apparently “it’s not just Baby Boomers growing increasingly fearful of giving up the wheel to a computer” in the ol’ “self-driving cars.”


Does the Blue Screen of Death not ring a bell?
[with added New Meaning?!??]

“One of the greatest deterrents to progress in this field is consumer acceptance,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told Bloomberg News last week at a department-sponsored conference in Detroit. “If there’s public concern about safety, security and privacy, we will be limited in our ability to help advance this technology.”

Don’t even get me started on the whole Privacy & Control™ issue…

It’s not only FEAR™; it’s reluctance to give up autonomy and Agency as a Free Individual. That’s something those bureaucrats and urbanites seem to have trouble comprehending. …or they FEAR™.

Most commuters don’t have access to a self-driving car, so Chao has called on Silicon Valley to “step up” and explain how they work. She and other regulators advocate for autonomy as a solution for curbing the hundreds of horrific collisions that happen every day in regular automobiles. Among those that end up being fatal, 94 percent are caused by human error, according to U.S. authorities.

It would be soooooo much more reassuring to have a computer glitch send you hurtling to a fiery crash. Cuz there’s absolutely no human error in ‘puter programming…

Earlier this year, a Tesla Model S car operating on autopilot crashed into a rear of a truck. The driver was watching a movie at the time of impact and failed to override the autopilot system to avoid the collision. He died in the crash.

Tesla buyers agree to contract terms that require drivers to keep hands on the steering wheel at all times, even when operating the autopilot.

Ok — if humans MUST [by lawyer device contract] remain alert At All Times — ready to rescue the computer system when it fails — how is this a viable system? Howinhell does this bypass the human error ‘problem’?

Point: Blown.

Consumers will only become comfortable with driverless cars after they ride in them, Mary Barra, the chief executive officer of General Motors Co., said this week.

…“You can talk about it, but until you experience it,” self-driving cars are hard to comprehend, Barra told reporters at the GM factory building the Bolts north of Detroit. “Once you’re in the vehicle and you see the technology, you understand how it works.”

Sure thing. Cuz crawling into one of these tiny DeathMobiles™ will instantly confer to me all the knowledge and understanding of a Phd in Computer Science / Engineering.
[at which point I imagine I would run screaming into the forest]


Maybe we can invent another machine: one that, upon entry, will confer all the knowledge and understanding of a PhD in the History of Human Freedom, the benefits and opportunities thereof, and the Constitution?

…or one that will confer all the knowledge and understanding of a PhD in Damn Stupid Proggie Over-Regulatory Ideas.

today’s wedgiest

The framers didn’t envision women or black people voting.
But here we are.

Ye Olde Twytter

Bernie supporter shot and killed at Republican gathering

Can’t we all just get along…
without Republicans?

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois … [a Bernie Sanders supporter and, yay!, not a Muslim] has died from his injuries [after being] shot … by police …. [story]

Did the police take the law into their own hands?
Did they over-react and inject themselves into what was clearly a political fight?
Then again, if only the police had firearms, this never would have happened.

horseshoes, hand grenades and lawnmowing…


Worst Populism Bid Evar

CircleD’s and their own lens

Trump is perceived as a populist [I'm only talkin' about perceptions, here -- Reality is not Winning]

Teh CircleD’s see that Populism thang went over well in the last election.

Therefore Teh CircleD’s are trying to look Populist — yanno, “just like You and Me™!”

How, one might ask?

Speaking to the Personal Democracy Forum last week, [Sen. Kirsten] Gillibrand [CircleD-NY] used the word twice. Last month in a New York Magazine interview, the senator dropped three f-bombs.

…Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, in a speech in which children were not just present but actually on stage, attacked President Trump as someone who “doesn’t give a s*** about healthcare,” while also saying “your g**damn right,” Trump is a liar.

…Beto O’Rourke, the Texas Democratic Congressman challenging Sen. Ted Cruz accused Cruz of “sure as s*** not serving” his constituents.

oh, yes – there’s moar:

“Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don’t starve because they don’t have food.’ What the f*ck is that?” [Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)] said.

…“Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people.”
[that was a t-shirt sold by the CircleD's: "Democrats give a s*** about people" .... who knew? --e~C]

…“Which is that we’re here to help people, and if we’re not helping people, we should go the f*ck home,”

Good idea, that last.


Takes notes in meetings with Trump, because he doesn’t trust Trump.
Doesn’t take notes in meetings with Obama.
Leaks only comments that can be spun against Trump.

we much

And for those who got themselves all oiled-up for the big event,
heeeere ya go!

heads you lose tales I win