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Of course. Ashamed I didn’t predict this.

When an expelled former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, Peter Wang used the last minutes of his life to help save his fellow students. [story]

Nice gesture

Another hero
Shot five times while shielding others.

Space flight is good for the shipbuilding industry

Who could’a predicted that?

SpaceX will deploy a new rocket landing platform off Florida’s Space Coast to enter a rotation with another drone ship stationed at Cape Canaveral ….

The third drone ship in the company’s fleet of ocean-going rocket recovery vessels is under construction, Musk said. He wrote on Twitter that it will be named “A Shortfall Of Gravitas.” The name … is a nod to “Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall,” a starship featured in the “Culture” science fiction novel series by the late Scottish author Iain M. Banks.

(What? No, I doubt he named ‘er “Noah’s Ark.” It was prob’ly sumpthin’ clever, like Genesis-6 or Gilgamesh-II.)
Anyway, this gopher-wood board was supposedly found near Ararat. Might be nothing, but…


the 200-year-old hero

Frederick Douglass
Born Feb 1818

Slavery, past and present, is the most vile of human institutions, to my mind; and Douglass is an American hero who demonstrated how freedom, character, courage, and literacy can elevate people above the circumstances of thier birth.

One should know this man; he reminds us that freedom is precious and rare, that its absence is horrific, and that the struggle will never be over… anywhere.


When evil and tragedy strike, and they will,
it’s helpful to remember that there are also heroes.

Sometimes, it’s the only way we can still believe in humanity’s worth.

☟ And then there's CNN which makes me all skeptical again ☟ »


• States outlaw concealed carry without a permit (handguns, rifles, shotguns, certain knives, etc.)
• Concealed carry permits apply to handguns only, so it’s illegal to concealed-carry a long gun
• State and federal laws prohibit guns in specific locations (like schools)
• One can only fire one long gun at a time and maybe two handguns
• Federal law prohibits buying a gun for another person (except as a bona-fide gift)
• State laws prohibit murder and assault
• Criminals don’t need permits to commit felonies

CNN’s tweet has nothing to do with the atrocity other than gun-fear mongering propaganda.
Neither does their subsequent tweet.

Buuut you responsible gun owners already know all this.

☟ And Harvard law professors ☟ »

Except for the female mass shooters (credit where credit’s due).
And how many of your mass shooters were NRA members, prof?

(What? Yeah, does the FBI keep statistics on glove/shoe/penis size, or does this guy have a fixation?)

See something, say something

sure sign of a mental disturbance

Yes, you can do something to prevent these atrocities; be a parent.

Removed two updates as Fake News

See something, ignore something
More see something, ignore something

Or, as I know it…

…Half-Price Chocolates Eve

stuff that’s hard to do (evidently, it ain’t rocket science)

If these Salonian cool kids weren’t such arrogant, reality-challenged snobs, they’d know the difference between science and engineering (and science and business/gov’t). It .was. a. friggin’. tessst. fliiight.
It’s called engineering and operations. Look it up.

And who the sam hill decreed that space had to be about science?
Sure, science and exploration are cool, but they ain’t the only things goin’ on up there.
Most of it’s national security and commercial stuff that actually does something practical.

When Salon builds its own boosters, they’ll be able to launch all the woke science-fair projects they want.

*sigh* I feel sorry for Salonian types who just won’t let themselves be awed by the truly-cool things that truly cool 21stC nerds can do (e.g. putting a flashy red friggin’ sports car into an orbit out beyond Mars!). Heck, Salon’s Masters of the World prob’ly can’t even change the oil in their own cars, just like their worthless, 19thC-thought-bound friends.
Envy and resentment are such petty sins.

And where’s their appreciation of style?
That launch wasn’t just engineering, it was friggin’ ART !
Who are the cool kids, now?

Jackasses of the day

Evidently, that’s all he had at hand in his mom’s basement
which he probably used for diaper rash crotch rot

The letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. that contained a suspicious white powder and landed his wife in the hospital Monday said, “You are getting what you deserve,’’ ….

Evidently, he deserved cornstarch.

Story 1
Story 2

‘Em ain’t Newt’s

The latest spy cover story?
Insurance salesman

“Several years ago, some individuals came to Iran to collect aid for Palestine… We were suspicious of the route they chose,” …. “In their possessions were a variety of reptile desert species like lizards, chameleons… We found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities,” …. [story]

Perhaps the proper translation is “absorbs” not “attracts,” but I can see how they might pick up radioactive or signature-isotope dust on their feet, yeah. Not sure, though, how much better that would be than putin’ some gum on your shoe and steppin’ out’a the car to pee. Dunno.
Any nuke spy/recce specialists in the audience wanna chime-in?
Title ref for whippersnappers and future historians (and, yes, it’s possessive, not plural)
Biological ref for public school students, journalists, and victim-studies majors who didn’t get the pun

portraits of a corpse and a copse

Another artist who gets paid by the square yard insults her subject and her audience.
Well, perhaps it was Michelle’s guidance that did the insulting.
Let’s see what 5-min of PhotoShop can do to bring her back from zombieland.

(What? Nah, Tretchikoff used colors.)
Oh yeah, almost forgot.
Barry’s portrait was unveiled, too.

My, what big hands you have.

*heheee* Obama finally succeeded in putting Bush behind him
Okay, I’ll play: Obama emerges from the Bush era

Audience reaction

Interesting piece about the artist who seems to have a Tretchikoff thing goin’ on, too.

*bwahahahaha!* Best one, yet! Lord of the Fleas in comments

HD in comments

Ahhh, now the ear sizes match the hand and ego sizes

*heheeeee* (Eastwood ver.)
*heheeeee* (Stilton ver.)

because show biz

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