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who is in charge, here?

A federal regulation will require that all airports that service over 10,000 passengers per year install a pet relief area in every terminal by this August.

Yep. Right there in the terminal.

Here’s the cute little pet-comforted guurl who will be sitting behind you »

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Happy May Day

Burn a Vlad for old-times’ sake.
Yes, any of the more-famous Vlads will do, too.

Victims of Communism Day

anti-fracking crap

In the latest clear sign that low oil prices are taking their indirect toll not only the US shale sector, leading to billions in capex cuts and hundreds of thousands of lost oil and gas jobs, on Friday Saudi newspaper al-Watan reported that the multinational construction conglomerate Saudi Binladin Gropu (which was founded in 1931 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Laden Sayyid, father of Osama bin Laden who was removed as a shareholder in the business in 1993 and disowned by the family) has laid off 50,000 staff as pressure on the industry rises amid government spending cuts to survive an era of cheap oil.

This means that Binladin, one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest firms and among the Middle East’s largest builders, whose total workforce is around 200,000 just fired a quarter of its total staff


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today’s stuff I stumbled across

The LindyBeige Channel
(randomly chosen example)

~ vid ~

This YouTube channel is an eclectic series of very short and entertaining rants, critiques, and educational bits covering dozens of topics from archaeology to movies to art to medieval weaponry, fighting techniques, technology, and lifestyles (my favorites).
It must have a hundred postings, and I’ll confess to having watched dozens of ‘em already.
No idea how accurate the info is, but they’re a delight to watch (funny Brits are almost always a delight to watch).

Caution: addiction hazard
Me? I can quit any time I want.

(What? Well, as I’ve said, I’m very easily entertained.)

Anybody else have a YouTube channel addiction to share?

today’s honorary KisPian

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh Part Deux

At a campaign event in Indiana yesterday, U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) was met by an attendee who asked him to sign a copy of The Communist Manifesto as a joke.

As a joke. Asking the son of a Cuban dissident (who, for those who don’t know, was imprisoned and tortured by Fidel Castro’s Communist regime) to sign The Communist Manifesto.
A real knee-slapper, that one.

Next, go ask Bernie Sanders to sign Mein Kampf “as a joke.” I’m sure it will be just hysterical. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Believe it or not, Cruz actually signed the book.

Teh Iron


Here’s the reationale CA LegisWhorz don’t want to make May 26 John Wayne Day:

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, cited his comments defending white Europeans’ encroachment on American Indians who Wayne once said “were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.”


comments defending Mexicans’ encroachment on American Citizens who “are selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.”

Isn’t that what this fella is saying?

in Costa Mesa CA - April 28, 2016

self-wedgies are the best wedgies

Wrong kind of “card,” jackasses.*

Deal me in“?
…with a credit card or ID card?

Unclear on the concept: “playing the X card.”

After Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” (and she does), Hillary Clinton’s campaign decided to fundraise off the accusations.

The email read:
Donald Trump has been saying the “woman’s card” is all Hillary has going for her — I just loved Hillary’s response: “If fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the ‘woman card,’ then deal me in.”
Apparently other people did, too. We’ve been hearing from supporters all over the country that they’d like a “woman card” of their very own — to display proudly on a fridge or pull out of their wallet every time they run into someone who says women who support Hillary must not be using our brains (that’s a real thing Donald Trump’s senior adviser said yesterday). [story]

Nooo, this here‘s the kind of card you playyy,
the one you showed is the kind you payyy.

I call this the One-Eyed Jackass**

Looks like a little sexist, women-are-shoppers stereotype bias, to me.
* …of all stripes who use this incorrectly.
** Queen of Diamonds is too easy