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QUITO, Ecuador (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – More than 60 mayors from around the world have joined forces to create an alliance dubbed a ‘global parliament’ to demand a more powerful role in the management of city growth and urbanisation..


United Nations Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday, the mayors outlined a united vision in which local government would lead the global response to rising urbanisation. …More than 35,000 people, from academics and planning specialists [BIRM] to government officials and U.N. leaders have gathered together in the Andean city to discuss the future of the world’s cities.

oh. an Agenda.
the twenty-first…
by Your Betters™

…The mayoral group met in The Hague last month to launch a Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM)

Swell! a Noo Layer of .Gov!!!

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, delivered a passionate call for cities to be “fair for all“, the young and old, able and not, refugees and migrants, straight and gay.

She said the feminisation of politics at local government level had already achieved more livable cities and that the group had to work for more women at the helm.

“already achieved more livable cities’
check around… I’m not seein’ it.

The mayor of Montreal, Denis Coder [said] “I believe that national governments will have to realise that cities exist and that it is not just in speeches that we make a difference in the quality of life of our people, our citizens,”

Cuz the people living in Oakland have the same issues as the people in Pyongyang who have the same issues as the people in Ordos who have the same issues as the people in Dubai … Kabul … Bahir Dar … Helsinki … Chernobl … Pokka …Paris … Cork … Fergussen … Yellow Knife … …I guess you get my point.

I wonder if they’ll subscribe to the #ScienceMustFall*
…will it be voluntary?

Will things like the removal of clown costumes from Target stores become world-wide thang?

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this is how liberty dies

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Yeah, let the Wookie win.
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Sheriff Clarke weighs in (I’m not there yet) more

For committing the sin of gettin’ caught:

Scott Foval, one of the subjects of a recent James O’Keefe exposé broken exclusively by Breitbart on Monday, has been removed from his job with the liberal advocacy group Americans United for Change. [story]

today’s distraction

It’s Monday, the battle for Mosul has begun, the NorKs are threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the US, Assange’s internet access has been severed, the Dems have gone full-Brownshirt on Trump, and thousands are still mopping-up from Matthew here in NC; but Femen has come to our rescue.

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See? The French police know how to handle ‘em.

You’re welcome.
Now, back to our regularly-scheduled Monday.
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(What? Because I’m a std-issue straight guy, and I don’t really care what they’re protesting about.)

today’s winner

Somebody is unclear on the concept of Nazi

A North Carolina Republican Party office … was firebombed overnight, causing major damage and destruction. … The explosive device was thrown through the window of the office, and the words, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else,” were painted on a nearby building. [story w/vid]

Looks like NC Democrats are back to their old ways
Roehm’s SA/Brownshirts were the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party, much as the Klan originally served as the anti-Republican paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party.

Looks like there are still some good Democrats out there

then there’s this and that and another…….

America’s media sweetheart

America’s debate sweetheart may be a bit bad to the Bone.

Ken Bone ogled Jennifer Lawrence’s “butt hole,” believes Trayvon Martin’s death was justified, admitted to “insurance fraud” and is a fan of kinky “PreggoPorn,” cringeworthy online musings discovered Thursday reveal.

The crass-leanings of the red-sweatered internet darling emerged after he was boneheaded enough to use an old alias during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit — and users were quickly able to mine the coal plant worker’s past postings.

Commenting on hacked photos of a naked Jennifer Lawrence, Bone, 34, channeled his inner Donald Trump.

“Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them. By which I mean guys like me. I saw her butt hole. I liked it,” …

Taking it to its natural and logical conclusion

How else ya gonna do it?

Coming from NPR, a Lesson in Diveeeersity.

[Brazil] In 2014, the government introduced a quota system for federal jobs. The affirmative action regulations require that 20 percent of all government positions be filled by people of color — either black or mixed race.

They tell the story of a Brazilian man [Siqueira] who applied for a job at the “highly competitive Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

…he was required to self-identify on his application.

[O]nce the announcement of the appointments was made public[, p]eople started investigating the background of who had gotten the slots. They got into Siqueira’s Instagram, his Facebook feed and they sent his personal photos to the government… ‘Oh, this dude is white, he’s a fraud,’

Yes. Random members of The Public called on the .gov to say he was lying about his racial background.

In response to the outcry, [the .gov] set up a kind of race committee to review his case, and a few others.

…they decided was that he was not pardo, or mixed race. No explanation. No discussion. So he decided to sue.

This despite the facts he offers, “In my dad’s family, my grandfather is black, my grandmother has Indian and white roots. And on my mother’s side they are mostly white, mostly Portuguese,”


…in order to “prove” that he was Afro-Brazilian, his lawyers needed to find some criteria. He went to seven dermatologists who used something called the Fitzpatrick scale that grades skin tone from one to seven, or whitest to darkest. The last doctor even had a special machine.

…”Apparently on my face I’m a Type 4. … On my limbs I would be Type 5…

Lucas Siqueira, … is still waiting for his case to be resolved

yes. Working for the .gov is a Great Idea!!! “precious government jobs”

these race tribunals were made mandatory for all government jobs. In one state, they even issued guidelines about how to measure lip size, hair texture and nose width,

Ringing any bells among those who remember History?

Here’s another bit of oft-forgotten History:

Brazil was the last place to give up slavery in the Americas, abolishing it in 1888. The country imported more enslaved Africans than any other — some 5 million.

But srsly, how else could it end? Demands that individuals be hired because of their race instead of because of their skills and talents can only lead to measuring their race instead of measuring their skills and talents.

Unfortunately, skills and talents can be improved through training and experience. Once race is determined by a State Race Tribunal it is immutable [unless bribery is involved]. Then one must wonder on what basis promotions will be awarded.

uh, ohhh…

Face off or lose face
This may not end well,
especially when both are big-talkers, are armed to the teeth, have nukes, and share a common border

Russian border patrol agents were forced to open fire after attempting to stop a fishing vessel with North Korean crew on board for inspection. But the crew resisted, according to the Russian Federal Security Service. One Russian officer and nine North Korean fishermen were injured in the stand-off. One of the injured fishermen later died in the hospital. [story]

Is this a nothingburger, a 3am phone call, or My Pet Goat?

US Strategic Command systems detected a failed North Korean ballistic missile launch Saturday evening near the northwestern city of Kusong, the Pentagon said. [story]

Ministry of Truth (Minitru)

Now we know why Obama really wanted to cede management of the internet
Evidently, it was not to strengthen the First Amendment’s freedoms of speech and press.
Hunh, knock me down with a feather.

President Barack Obama floated the notion of a test for media organizations, griping about the wide-spread existence of alternative media available in America [i.e. freedom of speech and press make dictatin' hard].

“We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow [i.e. those pesky freedoms-of-speech/press things] some sort of curating function [i.e. a Ministry of Truth] that people [i.e. governments, foreign and domestic] agree to,” he said.

Throughout his presidency, Obama has repeatedly complained about the existence of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, causing division amongst Americans and making his job [destroying American America] difficult, but he rarely offers a solution. This time, Obama floated the notion of a media test [i.e. censorship] ….

“There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness [!!! see below] tests and those that we have to discard because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world,” he said. [yep, a Ministry of Truth]

He quickly clarified that he was not referring to censorship, but hinted that there should be a safe place online ["safe place" meaning a place where speech and press are controlled] for news and information.

“It’s creating places where people can say, ‘This is reliable and I’m still able to argue about — safely [safe for whom?] — about facts and what we should do about it while still… not just making stuff up,” he said. [which he's just making up]

During a press conference in China [evidently, his model for internet control], Obama called for an international agreement to regulate [but not a treaty, which would get shot down in the Senate or ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS] the internet to avoid starting a cyberspace arms race [you know, spreading that enemy of totalitarians, freedom]. [story]

Violation of Oath of Office, despicable, tyrannical, and treasonable.

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Example of truthiness
Tell the truth

Google signs on to be their Ministry of Truth.

Curating function? How does that differ from a normal comment?
(What? Yeah, .gov trolls.)

Here’s a thing

it’s all about the Clowns

Chapman University did a Survey of American Fears. This is the third year. Sample size 1,511 adults from “across the United States”. The categories were provided but seem fairly broad — sufficiently to be fairly fair.

This is the result from 2016 [April]

This is 2015:

Well, lookie there… Top concern is the same: Corrupt Government Officials. Up from 58% to 60.8%. funny, that…

“Global Warming” doesn’t even make the list, coming in at 32%
Government tracking of personal data = 33%

Down at the bottom of the list are mostly “personal fears:”
Zombies — 10.2
Strangers — 9.8
Clowns — 7.8

Well, that puts an end to the stories about Creepy Clown “Incidents”. [srsly. the fear of Creepy Clowns “lurking at the edge of the woods” — in Phoenix??!? who knew Clowns were native to “woods”?!? do they have claws on those size 22 shoes to enable them to climb trees? Do they eat nuts and berries? small forrest creatures? or just Your Children??!?!?! BTNIN ]

The 2014 survey, their first pass at this, was more of a learning curve exercise. It listed the top “fears” as
“Walking alone at night
Becoming the victim of identity theft
Safety on the internet
Being the victim of a mass/random shooting
Public speaking”

They separated “fears” from “top concerns”:
“Having identity stolen on the internet
Corporate surveillance of internet activity
Running out of money in the future
Government surveillance of internet activity
Becoming ill/sick”

They clearly changed their approach for 2015, but this might be interesting to watch over time.

I gotta agree with the tip and tenth items, which are pretty similar: I’m hunting an old Navajo herbalist or Chinese grandmother to meet my “Health Kare” needs.

How do your Top Ten Fears match up to this list?

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