stuff that’s hard to do (India’s moon landing fails)

India’s attempt to become the first nation to land a spacecraft near the Moon’s unexplored south pole has apparently ended in failure.
The Chandrayaan-2 approached the Moon as normal until an error occurred about 2.1km (1.3 miles) from the surface, officials said.
India’s Space Research Organization (Isro) said it lost contact seconds before the ship was expected to land.
India would have been the fourth nation to make a soft landing on the Moon.

Key word: soft
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Scott Manley’s quick analysis

They haven’t given up hope

Nature is a cruel tease

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Perhaps the first honest thing said by a (D) in this campaign

King-of-the-hill’s a tough game
Sometimes, you find out who yer friends ain’t

(What? Yeah, sometimes I even feel a mite sorry fer the wackos, but only ‘em purdy ones)

Whatever happened to nuking the weather?

No space mirrors
Option 1: move the Moon so we get a total eclipse when and where necessary
Option 2: get rid of daylight saving time to shorten afternoons when the Sun is hottest
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Population control is a slippery slope

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Story (cannibalism)
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Do your own jobs first…

then we’ll talk about your authority to run the whole country
and deprive law-abiding citizens of their civil rights

(What? Yeah, gotta be a record for number of hyphens in one post)
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Nice armory you got there. Too bad if somebody was to…

…keep you from gettin’ ammo for it

Wal•Mart joke (stolen from Ace of Spades)
Shot joke (inspired by #8 to do a double-pun — too old to call it stolen)

That dog won’t hunt any more, Mayor

The Democrat Party is willing to trade the lives, liberties, and incomes
of any or all of its constituents for one more day of power

In my world,
the cop’s thinkin’
“Gotcha, there, Mayor”
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Hiding his own body, before somebody does it for ‘im

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Not agaaain

Look, we went through this almost seven years ago

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