ToDaZeD CaliZuela *facepalm*

JunkieTown in Motion Edition

Now that PrettyPrettyGavin [K]Newsome has proclaimed upon the land an Executive Order, Calizuela counties and cities are floppin’ around slithering toward the scent of Freeee Moneeeys™ my Precioussss.

Here’s an example — one among many — sent by a pal:

There is a 2.5 mile bike trail between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol which became a JunkieTown. What started as a few bums snoozing under a tree near cheap groceries and begging corners grew into a 2 mile long, tarp/garbage-crusted “camp trail.” It’s not “just country” out there; the trail borders established and new housing developments with more currently being built.

So, at a cost of $2Million the county proposed to move them …elsewhere. One option was into a parking lot at the County Center — right where those making the decision work. Suddenly a “Day Care Center” for “At Risk Children” appeared in the area which disqualified the site. …funny, that.

The only other site to be found in the whole, rather large, county?!?

A county property parking lot out front of some abandoned [asbestos] buildings 6+ miles from any shopping/starbucks/7-11/anything, smack in between a pair of high-end wineries. Along a narrow and dangerous highway with 6″ shoulders.

Official count is 250 tarp-tents in the current location. No official count of how many actual people. Who will be chosen for the 60 coveted places in aluminium garden sheds with “laundry and food service, a warming center, showers, a service hub, dog run with kennels”? [That there is a lotta infrastructure for what they call a "temporary emergency shelter."]

Those at risk of death[aren't they/we all?], exploitation or physical abuse [is this social worker speak for "the nice ones"? or for "the ash-oles"?], plus seniors and those suffering from severe or persistent mental illness [differentiate between 'mental illness' and 'the behavior demonstrated with long term IV drug use' plz] or medical conditions [8 (eight) miles from a hospital] would be given priority…

But more telling is the location of the site, a few hundred feet from: the County Juvenile Hall, Juvenile Court, County Probation, Juvenile Justice Center, and the “Children’s Home” for children headed into the foster system [yanno: "at risk"]. All involuntary wards of the state. hm…

Is that the role .gov has selected for the CaliZuela Bum/Junkie population: Dependents of The State?

Or actually Dependents By Choice, as no one can be compelled to accept offers of shelter. A nice balance to the 9th Circus decision that no one can be prevented from “camping” on public streets without the .gov has “a bed available” for them. [whatever that means]

This is being sold to the voters as a “temporary emergency shelter due to close in 90 days.”
[[2/1-4/30/20] Just No One mention there’s an election in March, eh?]

What then? Where they gonna make [for a vague value of "make"] these people go in April? Back to the bike trail? To some abandoned county buildings in some other poor slob of a taxpayers’ neighborhood? Are taxpaying citizens expected rotate the Crime, Rats and Disease [CRD™] on a quarterly basis all over town?

What happens if they all refuse to go anywhere?

Whadda world.

Further tidbits BTF »

The “man tapped to run the 90-day emergency camp” who will run the site is 1] City Councilman and B] heads the “nonprofit” Society of St Vincent De Paul contracted to run the “camp”.
Conflict of what, now?
[[NB The choice to move this JunkieTown to this site was made by the County Supervisors]]

The “camp” will be “secured and shielded from view by an 8 ft. fence and a strict 7pm curfew for campers.” [even the word "campers" is startin' to make me *shudder*]
Lemme get this straight: there is a fenced-in place [it's a freakin' parking lot] they are not allowed to leave after 7pm? Like a jail-lite? naaaah…
Or are they not allowed to enter after 7pm but can leave at any hour of the night and wander the countryside aimlessly seeking to score? Like they do where they are now.

Are those who don’t make it in by 7pm and, unable to get back to town, abandoned to wander? [how ya get a shopping cart onto a bus?] That seems a little cruel on the part on Teh State. To all concerned.

There is an upscale 55+ development across the highway [.25 mile] with ‘memory care facilities’ [.5 mi.]. There are high-end wineries and rural properties for miles. I predict a turn up in the rent-some-muscle market.

The hills around this area burned in ’17 and were evacuated in ’19. How long before those abandoned state buildings are breached and set afire? Burning asbestos – yum.



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ToDaZeD CAliZuela *facepunch*

Won’t you take me to
Junkie Town!!

Weaponized Bum Edition

[PrettyPretty]Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Wednesday that would fast-track the use of government land near highways, travel trailers and vacant state hospitals to urgently get people off of California’s streets.

Here’s how from PrettyPrettyGavin’s “Executive Order N-23-20″ “urgently gets people off of California’s streets.”
[NB: it's a copy/paste disabled PDF][subtle, eh?]

[Calatrans]shall develop a … template to allow cities and counties to use Caltrans property adjacent to highways or state roads … on a short term emergency basis to provide shelter for individuals who are homeless. …

“Short term basis.” Kinda like those taxes they tell us will expire, eh. JunkieTown right along the freeway.

This is what happens when “Quality of Life” crimes are ignored or made so inconsequential as to be de facto legal. Theft valued under $950 is a citation misdemeanor. Breaking into a car is the same. Aggressive begging, screaming at lamp posts and passers by, frightening children and parents, assault with minimal bodily harm are all de facto legal.

If all that is hunky dory with Joe Citizen [or at least with Joe .Gov] other things will be just fine, too; congregating and/or drinking in public spaces, graffiti, public urination, panhandling, littering, sleeping in other people’s doorways, shooting up drugs in public, loosing consciousness in public, setting up housekeeping in tents or tarps on the sidewalk — or any place not actively defended, selling drugs out of some of those tents and having one’s own “security force” to protect one’s growing “small business.” See how quickly this devolves into Barbarian Apocalypse? That’s why they’re called Quality of Life Crimes.

So how does Calizuela respond to this devolution of Civilized Standards of Behavior? By encouraging it.

By purposely mis-identifying the situation as a housing problem instead of a substance abuse problem and breakdown of Western Civilization. The .gov has a grand plan to throw increasing piles of cash — Other People’s Cash — into the burgeoning JunkieBum/Bureaucracy Complex. Apparently they neither expect nor desire any Civilized results as they are doing all the things that have proven to make matters worse..

Let’s not even mention [for the nonce] how inhumanly cruel it is to encourage a junkie to pursue his addiction. Let’s not even begin the discussion of Individual Freedom -vs- Encroachment on the Rights of Others raised by leaving the mentally ill to fend for themselves and argue with lamp posts.

Instead let’s merely address the “side effects” on the regular working tax payer. Rats, Insects and other vermin. Disease. Burglary. Robbery. Assault. Loss of use of public goods like parks, trails, rivers, sidewalks, streets, and shopping areas. Loss of control over and ‘quiet enjoyment of’ private property. Loss of the expectation of Reasonable Safety — which is the only condition under which basic business can be conducted, goods and services exchanged, jobs maintained.

It’s a Civilization Buster, this one.

This example comes from Sacramento [TheSac], but is becoming as common and familiar as a strip mall to CaliZuelans. The vid was taken bicycling along the American River; really top quality public lands …once.

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WV is widening the invitation to all pro-2A VA counties!
(2020 is gonna be a fun year)


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Y’know… It’d be really funny if, after NY & CA lost population because of their (D) gov’ts,
VA ended up actually losing land and the population on it; because their (D)s went woker-than-NY/CA
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Cigars smell bad enough already

Joke inspiration (Stilton)

Russian AF message to USAF…

Bah! it’s easy to kill an Iranian general in a car.
Watch THIS !

(What? Well, that was 30-odd years ago,
so I no longer know even nothing)

How about “no”

I was in college in 1968
I remember the 1968 Democrat Convention
Don’t do 1968 again
Srsly, somebody could get hurt

Also in my experience, Commies like the jackass in the vid read Marx;
but they don’t know jack-squat about actual Commienism,
at least nothing that hasn’t been scrubbed by an apologist
into a factually challenged talking point.
I doubt if you’ll ever run across one who’s read Solzhenitsyn:
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich or The Gulag Archipelago.
And don’t get me started on Maoist re-education camps.

Far’s I’m concerned, there are only two differences between Commies and Nazis:
Nazis had cooler uniforms; and
Nazis used gas chambers, while Commies used starvation and labor

Anyway, it’ll be entertaining to watch Bernie struggle with
whether or not to fire the true believers on his staff
every time they openly say what they really think
Background (the jackass)