The Left™ evidently wanted Smollett beat-up

The Narrative™ fails again

(insert “allegedly” everywhere, here)
That’s some sick, twisted shxt, right there, people.

Performing arts use guns, people get hurt

Dems ask for national emergency declaration

Cultural ref

Sandy’s top face-palm of the day


If you’ve ever wondered how irrational ideas like
socialism* can be believed, well, heeere ya go.

Exhibit #1 — Fundamental ignorance of how shxt actually works

She needs to take this comedy act on the road,
so hit the road, Sandy

In all fairness,
this jackassery isn’t isolated to just her.
Story-1 (Ocasio-Cortez)
Story-2 (de Blasio)
Cultural ref
* Previously, on KisP“Democratic” socialist don’t seem to realize that socialism supporters and organizations currently operate capitalist/free-enterprise/profit-based companies,
and they won’t voluntarily cede their wealth-generators (includes pro-socialists exercising government power, especially corrupt ones).
That’s why Marx needed a “revolution” stage.
Of course, employing a revolution ultimately precludes a Marxist success, so it’s a fundamentally self-contradictory idea.

just a little rainy Saturday morning coffee time Ps fun

~ Demfem-on-Demfem & joke source ~

happy Valentine’s Day

stuff that’s hard to do (Opportunity’s journey ends)

Fourteen years duty on a 90-day mission.
Not bad. Not bad at all.

Story & pics

My batteries are low, and it’s getting dark.
Someday, this will probably happen to a human, too.

(my favorite)
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Offer not valid in CA, evidently

(What? A wind-powered locomotive, ‘caus it makes its own wind at speed? Hmm, gonna hafta raise bridges and make tunnels bigger, though.)
Title ref, see post below

no checks

(What? Yeah, I know the $3.5B is borrowed/deficit/national-debt funny money. Just… just go with the joke, m’kay?)

All in favor…

Cultural ref (Da toitle !)
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Updating from last week

Wanted to spend a little time on this
getting the-punch-in-the-face just right.

Okay, look, I don’t object to actors doing the makeup for a role,
so I should give Kimmel and Fallon a pass, here;
but they’re such jackasses, I included ‘em.
(And, no, I doubt that’s really Hillary; but it is funny.)

My goal is to rub these woker-than-thou snobs’ snouts in it,
just in case normal human behavior gets their fingers waggin’ again.
Hypocrisy just makes me itch all over.

(What? My own? Let’s not go there, pard.)

I tell ya, we don’t get no respect

These are not B.S. artists, they’re just B.S.ers

Picked up by Pookie’s Toons