Unlikely, but devoutly to be wished

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Cultural ref (similarity)
Cultural ref (Game of Thrones)

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Astra, new kid on the block)

From Kodiak, AK, to orbit
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And, now… the reckoning

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Rittenhouse Trial: NOT GUILTY on all counts

As it should be

Let the lawsuits begin
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Ye Olde Tyme Schtick

…in the woke era

past my bed time

No excuse, this time

Tonight’s conspiracy theory

The climate change hoax didn’t quite work,
so they need another approach,
something really scary

Story (Gates)
Story (Gov’t purchases)
Story (Unauthorized samples)
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Totally Not an Insurrection

Brought this one up here from the post below for convenience
Can I call ‘em or what
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Not a very strong bench

If one couldn’t laugh at this jackassery… well, I dunno what
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Smooth move, Vlad

Russian jackasses destroyed one of their own defunct satellites with a conventional-warhead
A-235 Nudol ground-launched direct-asscent anti-satellite weapon (DA-ASAT), Monday

Now, there are thousands of pieces of debris speeding around in low-Earth orbit,
endangering the crewed ISS and Tiangong stations and other satellites

Note: switched videos due to availability
Story 1
Story 2
Historical tidbit (Chinese ASAT 2007)
Historical tidbit (Russian-made hole in the ISS)

Oh, sweetheart, nooo

Note that the bolt is fwd (it can be seen through the ejection port),
so this rifle is not “clear”; and no one can verify that it’s unloaded, visually

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