greatest effing duel evar!

Careful, David…

…those who exploit the idealism of you true-believers actually want a militarized police.
Difference between us is, you go to the gulags in the second wave.

Story-1 (Hogg’s tweet)
Story-2 (responses)

today’s exercise in assessing correlation, causation, and coincidence

This joke’s so easy,
it’s a wonder that Pelosi and
Ocasio-Cortez aren’t involved

Story-1 (Biden)
Story-2 (Avenatti)
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I’m not dead yet

Some news items make me giggle and
scratch my beard for the oldest applicable joke I can think of

Title cultural ref (Python’s Holy Grail, of course)

stuff that’s hard to do (Falcon-9 from SLC-4 VAFB)

Nice views of Earth during a good launch from Vandenberg AFB on a bright, sunny day
(What? Ol’ Wind’nfog AFB? Yeah, I knowww!)

Full-screen recommended

Stg-2 sep, fairing sep @3:00
Stg-1 re-entry burn @6:45
Landing burn @8:00

No vids of the multi-payload deployments or the fairing-recovery attempt.
Mission & updates
64 smallsats for 17 countries deployed
Fairings missed the net ship, but being recovered for re-use
NOTE: This was a mission to sun-synchronous, low-earth orbit.
It’s the orbit ol’ Space Launch Complex-4 supported routinely, back in the day, in order to keep the shxt from hitting the fan.

today’s audience participation

things Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might tweet:

You can’t compare fuel prices in France to here in U.S. America.
They use petrol and we use gas.

space cadet

The stupid is strong in this one
She’s like a continuous dorm bull session

Previously, on KisP
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Her new office is just two doors down from Pelosi’s.
That puts her third in line of succession, then, right?

PS: She’s becoming the new blonde joke

Dump the tea! Dump the tea!

A little tear-gas perspective

Story-1 (Paris)
Story-2 (Hathaway)
Cultural ref (Emily Litella, SNL back when it was funny)
Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

When you hang a man, you Bette(r) look at ‘im

Geebus aych…
What is it with Democrats and their lynching fantasy?

Or cut his head off
— Kathy Griffin

No harm, no foul
— Twitter Terms of Service & Secret Service

You go after a man’s family,
you better get ALL of ‘em

— Barron Trump

just sayin’

…It’s interesting how little coverage this story is getting despite the media’s recent interest in political violence…