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Nature is trying to kill you and your stuff 24/7

Disaster Risk = gravity x time x (fire + water + ice + quake + wind + loose earth) / Ayers Rock

Case in point: SoCal mudslides (vid and 39 dramatic photos)

Soros’ stable of state AGs meet resistance

Title Match

“Exxon Mobil launched a legal counterattack Monday against seven cities in California that want state courts to force the oil company to pay for infrastructure improvements to help them adapt to climate change.

The oil giant argued that it and other Texas-based energy firms have become the target of a “conspiracy” among liberal state attorneys general and other officials seeking to blame it for driving up emissions that are causing the earth’s temperature to rise.

“ExxonMobil finds itself directly in that conspiracy’s crosshairs,” the company’s attorneys explained ….

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Economic boom for lawyerin’

A wise man tests his assumptions

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stuff that’s hard to do (and *poof* it’s gone)

Low Earth orbit is a big, dark, scary, dangerous place run by that uncompromising b*tch, Nature.
That’s why humans have been putting stuff up there for only about sixty years.

A classified satellite code-named Zuma, launched Sunday night atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, may have suffered a mission-ending failure during or shortly after the climb to space, according to news accounts Monday evening.

Because the payload was classified, SpaceX commentators revealed nothing about the satellite, which government agency owns it or when it was expected to be released from the Falcon 9’s second stage. No details about its intended orbit — or its purpose — were revealed. That is standard procedure for classified missions. But in the wake of most such missions, the responsible agency — usually the Air Force — releases a post-launch statement several hours later to indicate the overall result.

Reporters expected a statement of some sort from Zuma’s builder, Northrop Grumman, but the company said nothing Sunday night. On Monday, rumors began swirling about a possible failure.

[T]he presumed problem did not involve the Falcon 9. But the Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources Monday saying “the secret payload … is believed to have plummeted back into the atmosphere … because it didn’t separate as planned from the upper stage of the rocket.”

Reuters also reported the satellite “failed to separate from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket and is assumed to have broken up or plunged into the sea.”

[S]pace-Track thinks it completed at least one orbit.” “Conflicts with [the] story that payload failed to separate from second stage (which is believed to have deorbited itself),” …. “Consistent with SpaceX claim that rocket behaved correctly.” … “The lack of details about what occurred means that some possible alternate sequence of events other than a failed separation may have been the culprit,”. [story]

Wellp, sounds like we’re back to the ol’ classified-means-classified-so-just-shut-up days.

Just because they won’t talk about it doesn’t mean it’s broke.
Just because it’s broke doesn’t mean it will stay broke.
Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it ain’t there.
Among other things, “there” could have moved.
Rumors (i.e. that’s what they want you to believe). [/tinfoilhat]
But, yeah, it might actually be broke.

(What? I know nothing… nuth-thing, but I can extrapolate from back in the day.)

Here’s a pretty good summary
Well, except that they don’t mention the “Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it ain’t there” thing

~ vid ~
Keep an eye on the gov’t contracts impact

Falcon Heavy vid NSFW
(Back in the day, we called it “erection & mating.” Yeah, rocketscience prOn)

Gorilla Guru (back in the USSR)

Stalinism is the last refuge of butthurt alt-commies

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People who have never personally assessed President Trump have lately been diagnosing him with mental illness and discussing the ramifications of this diagnosis that they made up.

Dr. Brandy Lee, a [quack] professor of psychiatry at Yale [said] that, if possible, she and other like-minded psychiatrists would “be declaring a public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible. As more time passes, we come closer to the greatest risk of danger, … one that could even mean the extinction of the human species. This is not hyperbole. This is the reality.” [story]

(You keep using that word…)
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I’d've trashed this post, but I have a good 10-min invested in the cartoon.
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HIPPAcritic oaf

Yale assistant professor of psychiatry Bandy X. Lee made a huge splash in the media last week after meeting with a handful of Democrats in Congress to sound the alarm over the president’s mental fitness to serve.

Lee has appeared on MSNBC and SiriusXM, and pieces about her appeared in Vox, Politico, and The Guardian, all of which she retweeted, having just joined Twitter “to inform people where they may have questions.”

Lee tweeted over the weekend that she was demanding a correction to a “wildly speculative and inaccurate article” in The Weekly Standard questioning her “meeting” with a Republican senator, but that tweet has disappeared, along with her entire Twitter account. The whole thing’s been shut down.

I wonder if it’s because it could be a violation of HIPAA law

You keep using that word…

No, sweetheart, [pats tweeter on head, licks hanky, wipes jam off tweeter's face, ties tweeter's shoe]
it was caused by humans’ natural aversion to misery under a corrupt, theocratic tyranny.
Ref article

Twitter is not your friend

Today’s exercise in writing misleading headlines

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[scratches ear]
Feller has a point.

ToDaZeD Overheard

*running cupcakes*

Only Hollywood would take the opportunity of getting caught as a opportunity to lecture the rest of us.